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  • written by Keven Blackwood, well after reading this, it extremely elevated my game, and im starting to learn to count, anyone think the hi opt II is better then hi lo if im gonna be playing 2-3 days a week?
  • bump, anyone know?
  • Casino Royale said:
    bump, anyone know?

    Depends. On shoes, no. On single-deck or double-deck games, perhaps. But HOII is harder to master, and if you don't play enough, you end up making more mistakes which could easily lower your EV to less than what you would expect with HiLo.

    A good counting system such as hi-lo will give you a solid edge. Playing decisions are not that important when compared to getting the count right and correlating your bet to the count accurately. If you can do HOII as accurately as HiLo, then it would be a no-brainer if playing SD games. But HiLo beats HOII in betting correlation, which is the more important factor in shoe games. Personally, I use hi-lo against anything and do reasonably well with it, be it single-deck or 8-deck shoes, or anything in between.
  • thx for the response, i think ill just master hi lo and use that and see how well i do.

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