Is practice game truly randon?
  • I have played 3000 hands in the hit/stand practice game and am 1.57% ahead. I realize that this is statistically possible...but unlikely. Are the practice hands truly random?
  • I don't think so. I get way to many Ace/Ace,as an example.
  • It's a game. I think the best board on the web for a newcomer learning basis strategy. Can someone purchase a link from webmaster to their blackjack website?
  • I'd guess no.

    I see too many "A7" or "99 vs. 7" etc. combos. I think it's "rigged to help" with the tough situations.

    But I could be totally wrong, I mean weird swings do happen u know.
  • Even if you don't want to read a book. This game site can be a fun way to divert you attention during the day, and at the same time learn basic strategy over a three month period. It would be just perfect for all the people who going to be playing Blackjack in West Virginia in January.
  • i don't agree with some of the advice given when playing the difficult game. if i'm showing an 8-3 against a dealer 8 let's say & i just hit, i am told to double down? i don't get it.

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