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    Rather new to the game of BJ, will be attending a convention in Reno in a couple of months, can anyone recommend the better places to play BJ while there. Will be staying at the Atlantis. First played BJ while in Vegas last year(5 days) and had the oppurtunity to play while on a cruise. thanks!
  • E.L. - First of all, welcome to the Forum. Hope you enjoy it. I have not played Reno for a while, so I can't help you; and I don't think many members have ever played there.

    BUT, if you do not get any responses..... I would suggest you go to, go to links and click on CBJN. You can get the latest rules, etc. in e-mail form from them.

  • Make sure you know Basic Strategy perfectly! HitOrStand is excellent practice. But be aware that this game is designed for a multiple deck game, where the dealer stands on a soft 17 (s17), the game allows doubling after splitting, and does not allow Surrender.

    For different rules go to "Links" above and click on "Blackjack Info".
  • e.L.- Dotto on the welcome to the board. I also haven't played BJ in Reno, for a while. It looks like you are staying at the right place. Casino Player mag. in its list of best places to play BJ, said there lots of good single decks in Reno and the ones at the Atlantis, are probably as good as you will find anywhere.
  • I was in Reno the early part of December and found the Atlantis to be the best of all casinos played (Peppermill, Silver Legacy, Harrahs, etc). Single deck is harder to find at several of the casinos. I began playing double deck and really enjoyed it. Hoped this helped. Good Luck!!

    By the way, I'm new to the forum but have enjoyed reading the postings over the past few weeks. We frequest Wendover, Nv. often and are heading for Vegas in nine days. Does anyone have recommendations for playing BJ in Vegas?
  • I was in Reno in January and played a bit at the Cal-Neva. Single deck games were easy to sit down at, surprisingly. Not too crowded, and $3 minimum.

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