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  • Hello,

    I have been an avid Caribbean Stud Poker player and have always knew it was a sucker game with high house advantage but always had fun playing it and always played with a low bank roll each time I went ( 100 - 200 bankroll )

    Well after I got tired of losing I checked into blackjack and have seriously started checking into BS which I have pretty much followed it to a "T" and I have to say that I've had decent luck with low payroll.

    I have went to my local casino here 4 times in the last 2 weeks to find myself about $700 up with only basic strategy since I've started playing blackjack ( which I've studied hard )


    6 Deck
    Hit on Soft 17
    One Time Resplit Aces
    4 Time Split Pairs
    Shoe Game

    If you need the rest I can post them. I will say that our casino here is a Harrah's Property ( Caesars Indiana )

    So before I started getting into blackjack I already had plans to go to Vegas in April ( Comp rooms for 4 nights at Paris LV )

    Should I continue my play at a Harrah's property or go somewhere else in LV as I really don't have a choice here except drive 2 hours up the road compared to 35-40 minutes

    I know I've read that Harrah's has the worst rules but in my case don't fix something that isn't broke?

    Thoughts are appreciated

    BTW I don't gamble all that big unless I'm really up on the casino.. Usually flat betting then if I get up then I'll move up and start playing 25-40 hands especially if I've seen alot of little cards in that particular shoe to increase the odds of bigger cards coming out.

    I will have to say I was playing last night and I had a 7,3 with a dealer 5 assuming he had a Ten underneath there I doubled and hit an 8 and took me to 18 and the guy beside me stayed at 20. The other guy had 16 and dumbass took a card and it was a K. Dealer flipped over w/ 15 and hit a 4.

    Table pretty much called him a dumbass and I got up and walked after that. He admitted was his first time playing.
  • The question is "What is your goal?"

    If it is to gamble recreationally, without regard to losing money, then you should do whatever you want, so long as you can afford it.

    If your goal is to actually win, BS is _not_ going to cut it. It will minimize your losses, but the old days of single-deck games that gave you a slight edge right off the top with perfect BS are long-gone and every game available is a losing game unless you employ some sort of advantage play, which includes card counting as a starting point...

    Winning using BS is just a "result to the right" on the normal distribution expected with blackjack. If you didn't win some, you would never play. But your long-term expectation is always going to be to lose money, the more you play, the higher the probability of losing overall becomes...
  • Hi,

    I do not gamble alot and do it more recreationally then I do anything.

    Yea I've been to vegas 3 times last year but I didn't gamble the whole time and all that.

    I play very freely and don't want to do it all the time but I sure do like coming out ahead lol
  • RPD709-The guy that took the ten may or may not have been a dumb-a**, but we know for sure that there were a table full of dumb-a**'s sitting there in judgment.
  • How are you figuring that...

    By going with BS you never take a card on 16 when the dealer has a 5 and it should be common sense not to take a card as you want the dealer to beat you not you beat the dealer.

    I just gave him a look and got up and left - I didn't say anything but I know I lost $90 on that double down because of it.
  • RPD709- How am I figuring that?

    Now suppose the guy that took the "dealers king" was sitting at 3rd and we have a very friendly dealer that stopped the deal just before giving 3rd his card. He then ask the board to select which card 3rd should get, the first or second. In retrospect, we know the next two cards is a king and 4, but suppose we did not know the sequence king/four or four/king. What would you have the dude at 3rd do?

    1) If the sequence is king/four and the player plays PROPER basic strategy he will hit and bust. The dealer gets the four and you lose.

    2) If the sequence is four/king and the player VIOLATES basic strategy and stands you still lose.

    3) If the sequence is four/king and the player plays PROPER basic strategy and hits you win because the dealer busts with the king.

    If you think about the above possibilities, it becomes apparent that BJ is a thinking mans game. How you do depends on how you think and that should be your first investigation before you enter a casino for any reason.
  • Post Deleted.......Redundant and totally fabricated.....Moderator
  • RPD
    The guy who took that hit will help you just as often as he will hurt you, so what he does makes absolutely no difference to you
    over time. The reason though that he should play basic strategy is only self serving (to him) is because the one person that he is going to hurt is himself.

    The stuff that idiots at the table spout about the All Powerful, Magical but purely Mystical and Mythical, but Higly Sacred Flow of the Cards is what makes no sense to anyone with any. Does this mean that some god like force has set the cards up in a predetermined order that will let all the players win (but they lose anyway) or do the cards themselves have the intellect to set themselves perfectly and then get angered because third base took a hit, second base dropped a hand, first base stood when others thought he should hit and the dealer had to sneeze.

    The real (but not sacred or capitilized flow)
    As the dealer removes cards from the shoe, some will be big, some small and others inbetween. Tracking this flow is the basis used for cardcounting. This has no more mystical power than simple addition but it does have the power to beat the game of blackjack.

    ihate17 (self proclaimed grand muckity muck of the Sacred Flow)

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