Casino Heat
  • Has anyone ever been backed off or barred by just winning too much? After reading horror stories of casino tactics and countermeasures, I sometimes get paranoid when PC's come around during play. And I'm just a basic strategy player. Can a BS player get heat from winning? Some casinos, I've read, don't tolerate occasional winners very much.
  • I had a hot night once and I started getting the eye from the pit boss. I said something to the dealer and he told me they were watching me to see if I was counting. I started laughing and pointed out that I had a hard enough time counting to 21 let alone track 2 decks.

    He just smiled and walked away.

    Lets face it, they know once in a while people win big and they actually like that since it's good advertisment. How much could you actually get up, a couple of thousand? Good night for you, but nothing to them.

    Go, have fun, try and win big. The casinos will treat you well as long as you don't act like an ass.
  • I was barred recently from the Barbary Coast in Las Vegas. Not for winning too much, but (I think -- they didn't (nor do they have to) give me an explanation) for appearing to be a card counter. (I'm not.) I've heard since then that the Barbary is tough on winners and is generally avoided by players in the know. I was quite nervous immediately after the incident, figuring that I would have a hard time getting a game thereafter. That hasn't been the case. You can check out more detailed comments (if you wish) in a trip report I left on the board a couple of months ago.
  • Zebra, you confirmed my suspicion about heat on non-counters. I think it does depend on where you play. My bet spread seldom exceeds 6x so I probably should not worry. I just haven't seen this subject dealt with much on this forum.
  • Zebra can you go into more detail about how they kicked you out (barred you)?
  • Sorry to hear about your experience at Barbary Coast. I was there last weekend. I was in LV for a tournament at Rio, and met friends from Phoenix who had never gambled. We wound up at B.C. for awhile- because of its central location and low minimums- perfect for my buddies, the first time I had ever been there. I had a couple of nice runs which put me up about 30 units (at much higher than the table minimum). The floor supervisor was watching and asked several times if he could get me a players card, then offered to buy all four of lunch. When we left he thanked us and told us to be sure to come back.

    Maybe sometimes it just depends on who's working and what their mood is.
  • Bug- Stop being so lazy and lookup Zebra's trip report. It takes all of 30 seconds.
  • PJ. Don't worry. It's good business for the casino to reward big winners. A big winner will come back, play more and eventually loose it all. The last thing a casino wants is a big winner who walks out the door for ever with big winnings in his pocket.

    A pit boss (that is, an intelligent pit boss) will pay attention to you if you're winning big for several reasons:
    - are you cheating?
    - he's bored
    - he wants to comp you so you'll come back
    - he's gay and has the hots for you
    - he wants to make sure you get all the drinks you want so you'll get drunk and stupid.

    The "eye in the sky" will determine if you're counting - the pit boss just points you out and gets the honor of asking you to leave.

    If you get nervous, or act suspicious, then he'll say, "Aha! this guy is guilty!"

    (Barbary Coast, so I've heard, is stupid in this regard. They kick out anyone who wins. They survive becasue of their location. Consider it an insult if you don't get kicked out!)
  • Bug- Stop being so lazy and lookup Zebra's trip report. It takes all of 30 seconds.

    Mind your own BIZZWAX and dont talk if you dont have anything helpful to say. Furthermore, I asked him to tell me not you so you can butt out, Michigan boy.
  • Actually, PJ, I haven't been around enough to know what it takes to get asked to leave or permanently barred. I've never been asked to leave and from what I've read, it's quite common among serious players. I've seen warnings to non-counter to not appear to be counting (watching your bet spread, concentrating too hard, getting nervous when the pit boss comes over, etc.) I thought the warning was silly, but I could be wrong.

    I would hate to see you worry over nothing, or create a problem by worrying, but I'm only speaking from common sense, not experience.
  • I don't think I can "appear" to be card counting because, honestly, I dont count. I don't sweat when bosses show up. I'll engage in conversation with the floor person, ask them for advise on plays, talk it up with other players, high fives, etc. Even though I'm generally a low key personality, I do genuinely enjoy the game and my actions reflect it. I only wonder if winning could draw heat for someone like me. I believe it could at some establishments based on what I've read.
  • Was at the Barbary Coast about 6 months ago. Played at a $10 table using the A-10 Front count and the 7 advantage plays from Fred' Renzey"s book. Had a couple of good shoes and won about $400. Several floor reople were watching me closely and not trying to be subtle about it. But did nothing else. My bet spread was $10 to $60 going up in two bets, first to $30 then to $60. I played about 2 hours. When I got up to leave one of them waved me over and gave me a ticket for two to their dining room for two prime rig dinners and said to come back. The prime rib was as good as I have ever eaten. I think playing the seven advantage plays may have helped me. Several of the players at the table told me I did not know how to play the game when I used them and was very lucky. The floor people never said what they thought.

  • Bug -- stop being so lazy and look up my trip report. It takes all of 30 seconds.

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