Simulating a real game
  • Hello, I have no one to practice with . So in order to simulate a game I take out 4 or 5 cards out of the deck at a time to make it like game play would this work or help? 6decks. +1 I done it right but is it really helping?
  • Do you play BS, or do you count?

    I'd look for online practice, since you don't have much time.
    There are excellent BS trainers online.
    Gamemaster has a very good, free training course for BS and

    Here are a couple links:

    With only a few weeks to go, you'd better get started today!

    BJinNJ :cool:
  • I do both, BS and strategy. The thing is when I practice I don't have no one to deal me the cards like in a real game so I can count so maybe I figure if I take out 4 or 5 cards at a time that would be like playing a game and counting.
  • Oh , I know how to count and I memorized basic strategy.. I was just wondering if it would be the same as pulling 5 cards at a time and increasing my accuracy or skill play.

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