Question For Midnite
  • Midnite – You posted on another forum about the Indian casino in the midwest where you regularly play poker and blackjack. I am going to be playing in that area in the next two or three weeks and am trying to get as much info on the games as possible. Can you help me out about the one where you play?

    Texas Hold ‘Em:
    - How many tables are usually in play?
    - Limit, No Limit, or both?
    - What are the limits? (3/6, 5/10, 10/20?)
    - What is the quality of play? (Do most players really know how to play hold ‘em or are they just ‘playing’).

    - What are the rules and house advantage for the six deck games?
    - Could the A-10 Count be used there without getting ‘heat’?

    Thanks in advance
  • BanjoMan – I told Midnite about your question but evidently he isn’t going to answer. I can answer the blackjack part, I have played there several times.

    Blackjack: Not a good game, but typical of that area. H17, DAS, 75% pen, plays to about a -0.60% house advantage…….Yes, IMHO you could use the A-10 front count without heat, just be discrete and don’t go overboard with your spread.

    Hold ‘Em: I can’t answer that part and I don’t think Midnite can either. He doesn’t even know how to play hold ‘em, so it’s strange he would post he plays there regularly. To my knowledge he has only played there once; and lost his butt because he didn’t know what he was doing…….So I flew up there and spent four days trying to teach him the poker basic strategy, but with no luck……Maybe you misread his post or something.

    I do know the normal game there is 3/6 limit; when there is a game, but the last time I was there I didn’t see a single table in play. The only poker being played was 7-Stud. That could have changed, but IMHO you would be better off at the Harrah’s property to the south for hold ‘em…..just my opinion.

  • Grifter - Thanks for the response about the blackjack rules. I appreciate it. Not too surprised about your comments on Midnite's poker. I suspected something wasn't right when he couldn't even tell me the rake of that game.

    As it stands right now, we are not even going to take our planned swing through the upper midwest this early (too We will be going to the lower midwest and check out the games there.

    Thanks again.....Banjo

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