$20 Limit Tables
  • Hi. Im new to the board and fairly new to Blackjack. I studies BS and progression for quite a while(month or 2), practiced here and on a few CPU versions then went to test my new "skills" out. The only tables they had were $20 min. So i sat down lost 4 hands went to the next table lost 4 hands then went home. Over all i think I lost about $300. What is everyones feelings about $20 tables. Should they be avoided?
  • KoRnFaN

    Pretty rough first time playing. But it happens. Keep playing perfect BS and your losses will be about one-half of 1% though. While learing I would only play at $5 tables if available, if not $10 tables. Better luck next time. Playing perfect BS at a $10 table is a lot less expensive than playing golf and you will even recover some of your losses with comps. Good luck.

  • Yeah, what tuffy's saying is right. Too bad you encountered a bit of bad luck the first time you went out and tried it out for real. But... I gotta ask ya, with you only playing 8 times and the table min. is $20 (I've never seen a $20 min btw), why were't you just betting the table minimum? That way, you would have only lost $160, or about half of what you ended up losing. See what I'm saying?

    What progression were you implementing and what progressions were you studying? Even though you didn't have a good tiem out, I see you performed the 4-loss quit point, which is a good thing.
  • It was a sad day for me when I passed out in the mosh pit during Marilyn Manson at Ozzfest 2003 and was escorted to the hospital and missed Korn (as well as Ozzy, himself). But enough about good music...

    KoRnFan, There's nothing wrong with $20 tables, per se, but you should keep in mind that a prudent session bankroll is perhaps 40 units. So unless you can put up $800 each time you visit the casino, I would recommend a smaller limit table.

    8 losses in a row is very unusual, but not impossible. Unfortunately, you have started out with terrible luck.
  • Mr. Ed Glad to see I have a fellow music fan here. I broke my arm the night before a Manson show and had to have surgery and missed out. Anywho

    Between Double downs, etc. It was around $300 I dont recall the exact amount. But I was playing at Harrah's In Joliet, IL. They only have 4 tables and each were $20. I was using the 10-15-20-25 progression. But i didnt really get past $15. I think I won one $10 hand.

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