Local Casino Giving 2:1 coupons
  • My local casino has given me a bunch of 2 for 1 blackjack coupons because I play so much poker there. I've received 6 coupons in total so far.

    The max bet is $500 per hand, but I was curious with my 1.8% edge, what is the chance of a huge swings? Mainly, what's the chance at a $10,000 loss, $20,000 loss, and $30,000 loss. Since blackjacks occur roughly 1 in 21 hands, I'm going to play around 126 hands. Any help would be appreciated.
  • you would make 36000 before you lose 20000 on an average; if by fluke u lose 20K after winning 5K you would go on to win 31K on average.
    How do u have a 1.8% edge, whats yr counting strategy?

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