New Thomason book vs. old?
  • To Mr. Thomason or anyone else familiar with his books:

    I have read "The Ultimate Blackjack" and found it very helpful. My question is whether "21st Century BJ" holds any striking new revalations that would be worth my time and money. Could someone run through some of the changes or important updates? ... Basically, will the new methods in "21st Century" offer me a better shot at profits? Or is this just a remarketing of older strats?

  • livetwice: "The Ultimate Blackjack Book" was a "how-to" basic book about blackjack. "21st Century" is a comprehensive study of a specific progressive betting system, and was written for players seeking an alternative to flat betting or card counting. I think it's well worth reading (but I'm a bit biased!).
  • This is a no-brainer-buy 21st Century Blackjack-read 21st Century Blackjack-Play your game according to 21st Century Blackjack-You'll be GLAD you did!

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