stats question for math guys
  • what is probability of an event that is 35% likely to happen occurring on 5, 6, 7 consective times. for example... if i had 3 sided die, what is probability of the same side coming up on 6 consecitve rolls?

    sorry for the question out of the blue, but any help would be appreciated.
  • for any number of times, its .35 to the Nth power, N=Number of times

    5 times = 0.52% or 52 times out of 10,000
    6 times = 0.18% or 18 times out of 10,000
    7 times = 0.06% or 6 times out of 10,000
  • Drew, I think slimeo has answered your question. Now, the three sided
    die, that you can roll is another matter. Would you take two dimensions?

    Just kidding Drew.....
  • thank you slimeo. and its a pyramid shape and the base is a push. no, its for a euro roulette wheel.

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