• ok so i've been playing blackjack trying 2 forms counting for single deck, H17, no DAS, DOA

    i've doubled my small bankroll of a few hundred 8/9 times since i started counting. i got BS down, but i'm not sure which count system is more effective
    : both are Hi-Lo (2-6 +1) and (10/A -1)
    but one system uses running count +1 betting units for RC 2-3, +2 units for RC 4-5, +3 for RC 6-7 and +4 for RC 8+, means betting up to 5 units

    the other system uses jerry patterson's true count, RC/# decks left, for single deck i approximate 3/4 1/2 and 1/4 deck, and bet up to 6 units. i've had success with both, and i see up to 25 unit fluctuation out of my 40 unit bankroll, but i'm not sure which one works better, any recommendations?
  • Bug: Because you will very likely be playing a mix of game types, I think
    I would go with H/L and true conversion for the following reasons:

    * Bet spread: If you calibrate your spread to the running count, it does
    not account for the fact that there is a big difference in the strength of
    your advantage early in play as opposed to close to the end of play. TC,
    on the other hand, is proportional to your advantage thru-out.

    * Basic Strategy Variations(index numbers): Here you may decide to play
    basic strategy and maybe Mag7 implemented at some RC like +4 and a
    couple additions at RC +5. You are limited, unless you decide to skew some of the variations and give up some accuracy in the process. With
    H/L TC you have an average of 40-45 variations that are dictated by the
    specific true count.

    Summary: I played by the running count the first few years, but it was
    because I only played 2-4 times a yr in LV. I knew I had to make it simple
    in those days. When the shoe games came along, I changed to H/L TC for
    the above reasons. You can only sip and slide so much and there is just
    too many decks/cards in the shoe games. I take all that I've said based
    on my actual experience. Others can add more I'm sure............

  • Bug: I've got shoe games on the brain. You would implement Mag7 much
    earlier(RC) in single or double dk games.
  • Bug, I thought you were not sold on counting. You had questioned in the past whether it was worth the effort. I, for one, was just too lazy to learn. Maybe I should reconsider after reading of your success.
  • I prefer the former AKA 2468=2345. If you get into the 2nd half deck its 1234=2345. JMHO

  • Bug: I did exactly as N&B has suggested when I played by the RC. I used
    mag7 with his front of the deck example, but added those very important
    doubles at the 2nd half: 8 vs 5,6 and 11 vs A and maybe 9 vs 2 and 9vs7
    depending on the count. When you try to skew both betting and hand
    variations in shoe games it gets much more involved unless you use a
    very simple system and just play good old B/S. The good part about
    single deck games is some of the otherwise marginal doubles are good doubles most of the time.

    Some players learn two different systems, one for short deck games and
    one for the shoe. Seems like a lot of trouble to me...........

  • actually i hadn't registered on the forums yet, and got bugmaster to post the original message for me.

    so far, counting has been working pretty well and i use mag 7 and basic strategy. The basic strats changes depending on the game conditions, ie. single/multideck, DOA, DAS, and surrender options. The basic strategy engine @ http://www.blackjackinfo.com/ allows you to change the options to suit the strategy.

    I have one problem though. Just yesterday I hit Peppermill's @ Reno and fleeced them of $3k in 4 hours using the TC Hi-Lo for a bet spread of $50-$250. Well I got a little too greedy and the casino manager blacklisted me and told me I couldn't play there anymore.

    I subsequently went down the road to Atlantis and took another $600 off their tables. I won less in Atlantis as I attempted making stupid plays to avoid getting kicked out again. For those experienced card counters, could you recommend some good covers for me? Everywhere I go, the moment I start varying my bet, the pit bosses view me with suspicion. Please help with my cover thanks.

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