Advanced BS (Mag 7) on Single/DoubleDeck
  • Since DoubleDeck is dealt PITCH, when one receives a Mag7 hand while playing double deck, do we have no choice but to just play regular Basic Strategy? It would seem so, since all other players' hands are hidden, no?

    Also, are ALL DD games dealt pitch, or do some casinos offer DD being dealt face-up? Whether it's a psychological thing or not, last year when I played DD first time in Vegas I did horribly vs. on the shoes where I'm used to.
  • yes bug, in my experience, all DD/SD are dealt pitch.
    If you see a SD/DD being dealt face-up, the game prolly has a nasty variation written in small font on the rule placard. Eg. dealer wins all pushes (encountered this in Circus Circus, Reno)

    With regards to mag-7 play, I would still use it by employing the count method. To increase advantageous play, it is good to get friendly with the other players @ the table, so you can see each others' cards and make your count play more accurate.
  • Interesting! So we're allowed to view other players' hands in DD pitch, if they allow us? Cool! I'll have to remember that.
  • But if your keeping score, remember to do so "as the cards are shown".

    Thats why I like A5 betting 1 - 2, or 1-2-3 chips. Easier to catch up.

  • But A5 method is extremely WEAK. You're better off playing flawless BS & a sound progression than deal with that shit.
  • I didn't see H17 or S17 in your posts. These are 2-deck figures.

    A5 S17 bet 1-2-4 PA+0.30% with surrender
    A5 H17 bet 1-2-4 PA+0.11% with surrender
    A5 H17 bet 1-2-4 PA even NO surrender.
    BS S17 bet flat PA-0.15% with surrrender.
    BS H17 bet flat PA-0.35% with surrender
    BS H17 bet flat PA-0.45% NO surrender.

    A5 based on BASIC with minor adjustments. Only 2 decisions not in basic.

    It may be WEAK, but its better than basic alone. A good progression like Walts, or Oscar's can give similar results to A5.


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