Just back from Vegas
  • Just returned from my first trip to Vegas in 20 years. Yeah, it had changed a little bit since I stayed at the Tropicana when it was one of the nicest on the strip. Stayed at Paris this time, went to most of the mega-resorts to gawk, played at Paris, Palm, Ceasars, Tropicana (for old times’ sake) and Mandalay Bay.
    Ended up a little ahead playing 10-15-20-25 progression. Won $500 the first day and gradually gave a little back over the next 3 days to leave $185 up (at the tables at least; I still can’t beat the gift shops).

    Some random observations:

    * I was shocked. At the $10 tables, at least, there was a far higher percentage of players who had no clue how to play the game than at the boondocks casinos I normally play in. Often times I felt like I was the only one at the table who’d ever heard of BS.
    Saw several players split 10s, one of whom griped to high heaven when the dealer drew to 18 against the trash he ended up with. “I can’t believe you did that to me,” he yelled. To which the guy at third base says, “Son, she didn’t do anything. That was self-inflicted.”

    * I started the thread a month or so ago on irritating table partners (the lady who slapped the table for every card dealt her). I’ve got a new one. Guy whose play was all over the board, no rhyme or reason (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But every time the dealer got to him. he’d just stare and agonize at his cards --- tick-tick-tick -- no matter how obvious the play -- tick-tick-tick -- bringing the game to screeching halt --- tick-tick-tick -- while he rubbed his hands through his hair -- tick-tick-tick-- and waited on divine inspiration. “Sir, would you like a card or not.” “Shhhh, I’m thinking.” It went on and on.

    * Most of the places I’ve played dealer stays on soft 17. Hitting it, as they do in Vegas, seems to be a huge disadvantage to the player. I’d guess it cost me a hand every two or three shoes.

    * Being the only guy sitting at a table otherwise occupied by a batchelorette party in progess is probably the most fun I’ve ever had while losing $100.

    * There were notable exceptions, but forhe most part I found the dealers less friendly than out in the hinderlands. Pretty much never said a word one way or the other. One even smirked after dealing herself a BJ moments after a guy had complained (good-naturedly) that she was being too tough on us. On the other hand, pit bosses and other suits behind the tables seemed about the same as anywhere else.
  • SH: Accurate assessment of the changes. I first visited Vegas about a month before the big fire at the MGM, and make it back there as often as time allows. The biggest changes I've seen are the deteriation in good blackjack games due to rule changes, higher minimum bet limits at the BJ tables, and less table space during peak playing times... the slots now occupy about 80% of the floor space in many casinos, and respect for the "mediam roller" has deminished considerably.
    But it's still a fantastic place to visit!!
  • SH-Great story! I felt i was able to envision the tick,tick,tick scene!
  • Yeah, the tick-tick-tick guy was infuriating. Like I said, bad players don't normally bother me. But this guy was bad -- and cocky as hell about it. Oh, well.
    One other thing I should have mentioned. By far the worst session I had was on the single-deck BJ game. I only played it because they were the only $10 tables available at the time.
    But, yeah, overall Vegas is fabulous. It takes a few days after getting home for your life to adjust back to the normal scale of your surroundings.

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