Grifter hurt in accident
  • Here is what I know so far, as I have not been able to talk to him. Grifter was in a boating accident. He flew to Cancun and he and a friend were going on a 500 mile sail boat ride to Louisiana. They hit a storm with 15 foot waves. Grifter sustained broken and cracked ribs. He was air lifted to a hospital in Florida. I will keep you posted.

    Our prayers are with you, Hoss.
  • Hang in there Grifter -- you got a lot of folks in your corner pulling for you.
  • Holy Cow, whatta book this will inspire, huh?
  • Thinking of you Grifter. My little one (who has a direct line) prayed for "Mom's blackjack friend" today because she heard me exclaim when I read midnite's message.
  • Grif,

    Superman is immune to such things. Recover, get home and take care of bidness.
  • Get well Grifter. Said a prayer for you today.

  • Get well soon grif... and don't take any wooden nickels and wax bullets. ;o)

    Thoughts & Prayers

  • As you can see, we all miss an occasional smack on the hands....keeping
    us straight, etc.

    Get well Grif
  • Our prayers are with you too, Grif. Hang in there, this is another hand that you will beat!

  • Get well Grifter, Mr. MODERATOR!!! We miss your adjudications and awesome modding, come back soon!
  • Thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery.
  • Hoping to see a good update on your condition here soon and that things are progressing well for you.

  • It's hard to keep a good man down, so we expect to see you back here quickly!
    Best wishes,
    PS: What some guys won't do to get a free hilicopter ride :)
  • Hand in there Grifter,
    I have done some serious Blue Water Sailing & know how big these waves can be. Glad you made it to hospital, Take it easy now and time will heal the damage. Good luck........
  • Good News. I talked with Grif' today and he is out of ICU. "He" thinks he will get out next week. I don't know what the doctors think.... I know that he ready to leave. Guess you just can't keep a good man down.
  • I'M BACK, and more or less in one piece. :wink:

    Thanks for all of the kind words, cards, best wishes, prayers, etc. That was really a great surprise when I fired this puter up. You are a GREAT bunch of people.

    Quick recap, then "onward and upward". The accident was just "one of those things" that happen. Boat was tossin' and turnin' like a cork in that storm, and I lost my grip going down a ladder; and went flying through the air and hit a bulkhead.......Result was four broken ribs, pneumonia, and a free USGC helicopter ride to the hospital. Was in eght days, five of them in intensive care. Home now and feeling decent, but still hurting.

    So much for that. I read all the posts I missed yesterday and was glad to see the board active as usual........But I was disappointed to see the personal, petty stuff going on. Thanks to Ray for his excellent post addressing that issue.

    Again, thanks to everyone.

  • Grif: I'm glad your back.. Oh by the way, I've had the rib problem from
    a car reck. Whatever you do, don't cough or sneeze. As for the post, i'm
    not a diplomat, could have been less direct,etc. We do have a great group
    of people. You'll get tired very quickly and may not be able to sit at a BJ
    table for several wks.


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