Apologies and a Poll
  • Bug- Did not mean to upset you regarding your handling of your 2K. Now I know it is the "bulkiness" that causes you distress. I myself have never had a problem handling 20 bills at one time, but to each his own.

    How about we ask all the good posters out there what would be your best option?
  • I stop by the bank and get $100 bills to carry.
    And always hope to carry more home that I start with!!
  • I simply have my valet carry them for me.

    And BTW, shame on you Dave, for upsetting people.

  • Yes, definitely...

    Dave, if it really wasn't your intention to start anything, then why even talk mess? What you said was totally irrelevant and totally unneeded.
  • Dave-
    I think maybe you need to take a vacation or get a massage or something if you know what iI mean.
  • Hey Everybody-
    Let's take a poll..............How many of you think Dave needs to take a vacation or get a massage or something if you know what iI mean??
    Your participation would be greatly appreciated!
  • Bug - I will have Midnite bust the post that upset you so much. :wink:

    Progressionist - You're right. I do need a vacation... if you know what iI mean.
  • and you might SERIOUSLY consider that massage or whatever,IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!
  • Lets seeee... my jeans have 4 pockets. One has my wallet. I'd say 5 Franklins apiece. Now how do you go about carrying 6 grand if you win?

    Get it Dave????
  • Quietly and quickly.

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