I will be in Vegas for the next 4 days
  • And you won't be... :lol:
  • That's cold Mike, damn cold.

    I'll remind you of that when I go in May.

    Where are you staying/playing?
  • What is the point of this post? Just to find out if we think you'll be "lucky" during your 4-day trip?

    Funny enough, I'll be going to Vegas for 5 days in June... I'll definitely make a post about that when it draws nearer.
  • Been to MS three times in the last 8 weeks. Walk around that joint a bit.
    Listen to the free bands in the Wolf's Den while playin. Or play weekdays, when its cheaper, and the tables quiet. Triple your travel stakes and we'll discuss luck later.


    response to PM's a month or two ago "Nada mas".

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