• Here's a heads-up...
    On History Channel Sunday at 9pm is a documentary on the MIT card counting team from the book "Bringing Down the House".
  • Kewl, I see some of them "graduated" to poker, and teaching poker. WSP'03 that ran over the weekend had an interesting segment on two of them that did 'em in.
  • Thanks for the heads up, GH...

    I'll be sure to check that one out. :D

  • Speaking of "Bringing down the House," did anybody else read it? I found it fascinating, but I was skeptical. I'm no counter, but as I understand it it only slightly improves the odds. Yet to read the book, it was like they just put on disquises, pulled a truck up the casino and loaded up all the money. Even with the count in your favor, there's no sure thing. Particularly interested to hear what some of the counters around here thought of the book.
  • I have not read the book, but I would guess that we are talking about
    "Team Play" with a great BR. Makes a lot of difference!
  • Definitely, it was team play. Counters would fan out and "signal" when the big-money players should step in. But what's "BR"?
  • Money, Do-Ra-Me(Bankroll)

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