Upcoming trip question
  • My wife and I are planning a trip to Vegas in mid-July. One of my favorite things about Caesar's Indiana (about an hour from where I live) is the non-smoking area on the 3rd floor. Are there any spots you folks would recommend for a non-smoking blackjack player who would like to play against decent house rules?

    Thanks for any and all advice,

  • Hi Les, and welcome.

    I'm sure others here may have specific information to offer, but most, if not all casinos in LV will make an individual table non-smoking if everyone at the table agrees, and post a sign stating so. This may be harder to do though on Friday and Saturday nights when things are busier.

    Vegas in July can be brutally hot, I don't care if it's 'dry heat', 115 is still like an oven. Don't forget your sun screen.

    Good luck and regards, Larz.
  • Finding decent house rules in Vegas seems to be getting harder for me. I'm a low stakes player(10-100) who prefers a double deck pitch game, so, I play at Fitzgeralds, downtown. I stayed @ the Rio last weekend and found only 8 BJ tables, all six deck shoes, half were minimum 50.00 the other minimum 100.00 At the Bellagio I found pitch games in the main casino for 500.00 minimum. As far as smoking, in the larger casinos, the ventalation is such that unless someone is sitting a blowing smoke in your face on purpose, you would not be bothered by it.
  • Les: Check out americancasinoguide.com. Good info. on all Vegas casinos, including non-smoking locations. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the quick responses. The info on the Rio and the website reference were especially helpful. My wife and I are leaning towards staying at Rio, but it doesn't look like I will play too much blackjack there, judging by what Mike said.
    It's kinda funny. . . married 14 years and it's going to be our first trip to Vegas (and only a 3 day excursion, at that). I'm really not sure how much gambling we are actually going to "have time" to fit in. Of course, I want to hit the tables, but there is so many other things to do there, ya know. Anytime I want an extended session, Caesar's Indaina is so close to me.
    Still, nonetheless, I want to be able to play somewhere a couple of times and get some good action.
    Thanks for the help!

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