In Vegas, Next August...
  • Hey everyone,

    I'm planning a trip to Vegas next year (around August) with my girlfriend, so I thought I'd ask a few things before I make any serious travel reservations...

    1. Which hotel/casino's on the Strip would you recommend, and why?
    2. What casino on the Strip has the best rules (for Blackjack of course).

  • The Venetian and the Bellagio, will make your trip, no matter what happens at the tables, enjoyable. These are not only the two best hotels in Vegas, but possibly the country. I have never even come close to having a bad experience at either.
    If you must play on the strip, I would say that the Luxor had more tables with better rules than I found elsewhere.

    For the record, the funnest place I've ever stayed is the Hard Rock. Off the strip, but lots of drinking, gambling, and the best "view" ....
  • Vile

    I can't speak on which casino has the best BJ rules, but I can give you my opinion on the casino's.

    If you don't care how much you spend on a hotel room, I would definitely go with the Venetian or the Bellagio. Simply the best. If you are like me though, and the only time you spend in the room is to do the Four S's (sleep, shower, sh*t, "use your imagination for the last s"!) and you don't want to spend a lot of money on a room or don't want to stay in a dump, I would recommend the Luxor.

    The location is not the best (towards the end of the strip), but for the price and quality of the room it is probably the best deal. Your close to the MGM and Mandalay Bay, which according to Bug has the best BJ games!

    Hope you have fun!
  • Mike: Thanks for the recommendations... I've heard alot of great things about Bellagio, so it looks to be the "one" next August.

    Bug: While I'm rather weary of those CSM's (at Bellagio), it isn't that big of a deal, since I like to utilize both card counting and progression strategies. :D

    Oh, and about my girlfriend... she isn't too high-maintenance, but I can tell you this: she'll be draggin' me around to all of the shows, so I'll be lucky if I can find enough time to gamble. :P

    JM: Since money isn't really an issue, I'll most-likely go with Bellagio... like Bug mentioned, it combines the best of both worlds (luxory and gambling). :D

  • When I played at Luxor a year ago, most of the tables were H17. I like Mandalay Bay for the best rules and atmosphere.
  • PJ said:
    When I played at Luxor a year ago, most of the tables were H17. I like Mandalay Bay for the best rules and atmosphere.

    Agreed on Mandalay. Too bad the location sucks because I really like that place.
  • If you don't want your g.f. dragging you around to shows, tell her about the Fashion Show mall near Treasure Island or the mall @ The Aladdin. Also, if you give in and go to one show, I think my hubby would reccommend "Splash" @ The Riveria (bikes AND boobies).

    Good luck and have fun,

    irishnurse 67

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