Supposed "table" guru's are driving me crazy...
  • Hey everyone,

    I just got back from a blackjack game in my hometown... 4D, 75% PEN, DAS, DOA, LS. All was well, until this guy came and sat down at the table and started telling everyone to "up" their bets or "lower" their bets after certain hands (as if he was some "table" guru, as I like to call them...

    Basically, I paid no heed because (1) if he was a true counter, he wouldn't be blurting anything out, and (2), he wouldn't have a jumbo-sized blackjack basic strategy card beside him, informing people of the "right" moves after every hand. :roll:

    I remember he said something like, "hey man, up your bet, a whole slew of low cards just went out..." I didn't say anything because the count was still -2. Sure enough, I lost the next hand... I could tell the rest of the people at the table weren't too happy when they decided to blindly follow his rules. :roll:

    This is the third time this has happened to me... anyone else experience something similar?

  • Long time ago in AC once, maybe twice... never seen that here in 12 years. :shock:

  • I had it happen a couple of weeks ago at the Montreal Casino, this guy sat at third base, played only ever other hand and could not resist on commenting on the other player's hands.

    I ignored the guy. This casino allows side bets at the +$25 tables, I had a guy standing at my left shoulder and a woman at my right, side betting my play, let's say they walked away happy, so my play was just fine without buddies comments.
  • Yeah I find the Montreal Casino has quite a few people like that...Its happened a couple times to me there...

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