• Since were all gamblers here, I wonder how many also trade stocks as well? I'm not talking about 401K's or IRA's but trading as a hobbie. I know I do, do you also? Shredder
  • Are the odds better?
  • a big yes!...online trading rocks...and there are so many avenues to do research...I typically trade options...risky if you don't know what you are doing..but the rewards are great....take yesterday...bought some CSCO..Cisco Systems May 22.5 calls for .10...sold them later that day for .25 per contract....all while at work...I have about 15 stocks that I watch for option trading regularly and will pop in on one that makes a huge gain on the stock in one day for no real reason...there is usually a nice pullback the next day or within it if you catch it early in the day...
    I could go on forever here....I also think the odds are better...at least for me since I'm no BJ guru...working on getting better though
  • Grumpworth: The answer to your question is yes and no. Like BJ it
    depends on how much you know or in some cases, who you know.
    I've been a trader all my adult life and I don't think I would call it
    a hobbie. All my family trades and we share information and opinions.

    Stocks or real estate, you need to do one of the two or both.............
    I've lost money on some stocks from time to time, but I have never
    lost a dime in real estate.

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