Covering another player's DD or Split
  • Whats the feeling on covering another player's DD opportunity when its apparent they wont, due to bankroll situation - or lack of BS? Too many times I have been DYING to say something because it is such a golden opportunity to make money! An 11 vs a 5 and they take a hit - it makes me cry.

    I dont even care if I lose the money - I just want the opportunity, and of course, the winnings! Especially when I'm not doing so hot.

    Splits - except for aces - with DD and more splits can get out of hand quick so I'm not sure I would ever even go that way, except to say I'll cover their initial bet if all goes to hell.

    Is this something anyone does? How do you handle winnings? Losses? Dumb idea??

    thanks all!
  • I've seen people do it on occasion, but never done it myself and would be very hesitant unless it's, say, a good friend at the table. Keep in mind it's his/her hand For instance, let's say it's 10 vs. 8. You talk the guy into lettiing you double it and he gets a 2. If you hadn't doubled him, he could take another hit. Yeah, he's not playing BS to begin with if he doesn't double, but to me it would be a little awkward to be responsible for him getting stuck with 12 vs. 8, On the other hand, if it's somebody you've built up a rapport with over a couple of hours, maybe so. You've just got to be pretty careful. I have this mental picture of our old friend Bug -- "HEY, ---HOLE, IF YOU'RE TOO FRIGGING STUPID TO DOUBLE THAT HAND HOW ABOUT GIVING ME A CHANCE AT IT, HUH?"
    You sure don't need that kind of crap at the table.
  • slimeo, you might find these articles to be of interest. There's lots of good information in Renzey's articles on this site.
  • I have done this several times, BUT there is more to this play than meets the eye. First off you have to act fast. You have to not only pick the right doubles or splits, you also have to pick the right people and say the right things. ie. say the guy just made his last $10 bet and gets 7-4 vs 5. If you just toss him $10 and say "here you go" or I will "loan" you $10. That is what you will get back, most of the time, IF, he wins the hand, your $10. Say something like "I will take half of that" or slide over $10 and say "Lets partner up on him". I also usually offer them half of the winnings ($5), most of the time they turn it down. This play just doesn't come up that much, but you should be alert, to take advantage of such plays, when you can.
  • I'll do this with my wife or daughters, but it seems even if they win I never even get my original bet/loan back. :shock:

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