New guy question...
  • Ok, going to Vegas for the first time. Are there any $5 tables on the strip? Also, I noticed a few messages on the board with "H17 vs. S17"....what does this mean?
  • Hi Pedactor, Welcome to the board.

    I haven't been to Vegas (yet) so I won't be able to answer that part of your question... but as for H17 and S17, it basically means that the dealer hits soft 17 (H17), or the dealer stands on soft 17 (S17), depending on the table rules.

  • Of the two choices, Dealer STANDS soft 17 is better for the players.
    Take a few seconds to read the table rules when you find a $5 game. Make sure Blackjack pays 3:2, and you can double down after splitting a pair.

  • Just got back last week and I founda $5 table at O'Shea's. It's a open air casino just up the street from Bailey's.

    It has a pretty young crowd, so the game moves rather slow as the kiddies don't seem to know how to count to 21 without taking off their shoes.

    Single and double deck games are paying 6:5 up and down the Strip these days.
  • wds_42 - Sorry to question you, but are absolutely sure about the double deck games paying 6:5 bj on the strip :?: .......That would be a real blow for blackjack, and it wasn't the case about six weeks ago. Only single deck was 6:5.

  • I went back and checked my notes, you are correct. It was only single deck paying 6:5.
  • here's a real kicker
    i walked into bally's the other day and was grimacing @ the rows of single deck 6:5 tables

    but guess what, i chanced upon 3-4 DD tables and was about to sit down, when i saw that BJ on the DD ALSO payed 6:5, i was chuckling in disgust as a quickly left the place.

    bally's is the first and only place i have EVER seen 6:5 on DD
    geez, aren't they giving us poor enuff odds?

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