I saw a lady lose $1000 on a single hand of Blackjack...
  • It was a couple of nights ago. The dealer made a mistake and turned both his cards face up. She tried to get a mis deal but the Pit Boss wouldn't go for it because he said it was to the player's advantage. I can't remember what the cards were but she had considered coubling down. $1000 is bad enough but $2000 even worse. She was PISSED.
  • Are you saying the dealer turned a potential bad hand into a killer hand, causing the player to lose $1000 ? Glad I wasn't there!
  • If I recall correctly he had 2 face cards and she had a total of 12. She knew what he had before taking a hit because of his mistake. She took a hit and busted.
  • If she was even considering doubling down with a 12 vs dealer 10, she deserves to lose. 8)
  • Grifter said:
    If she was even considering doubling down with a 12 vs dealer 10, she deserves to lose. 8)

    Agreed, she didn't really seem like she knew what she was doing. I don't know why she was betting that kind of money and didn't have some PRO strategy or something.
  • Saw a guy once playing greens who didn't understand what "even money" was. Once saw a guy attempt to double down by replacing his two greens with a black. Yikes!
  • I've seen 2 different black chippers at different times stand with A4 against a dealer 6. The first one had a tall stack, maybe a grand. She won. The other had 4-5 hundred and lost because the dealer had the evil ace buried.

  • At the very least, people should know the dealer's "bust" cards, or the top section of the Basic Strategy chart...

    This guy I was playing with at the table the other day was making bone-head plays, i.e. hitting 16 v. 2, standing A3 v. 6! Even I had to jump in an say something... I tried to be polite, but he just said "hey, this is my first damn time in a casino, gimme a break." To make matters worse, this guy was betting $25 chips per hand... I think he lost $200 in about 20 min. :roll:
  • If there is an upside to all this it must be that those players help to keep the casinos rolling in the bucks and offering the game so players who play well have a good shot at taking home some bucks!

    I must add though that it THOROUGHLY AMAZES
    me when I see people betting greens or blacks who REALLY don't know how to play the game!
  • Big hands usually come my way with a pair of 6's and most
    of the time it amounts to 3 or 4 of these little devils. You may
    split 8's more often, but you will build a bigger hand with 6's.
    If your playing black and trying to turn a good session into a
    much better session, losing or winning 800-1400 hundred on one
    hand is to be expected.

  • I usually play on a gambling boat untill i can sneak away to vegas for the weekend. I was playing at this table and there was this guy at the end spot playing greens hitting a 12 against the dealers 6 showing. :? Hits takes a three, hits again takes a ten. Dealer flips her cards and shows she has 16, hits takes a 5 takes us all. I lost greens because the idiot didnt know how to play :evil: . Picked up my stuff and bolted!

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