Does the game use preset hands to pactice?
  • .... or does it go random hands and just tell you what you should have done. I think it is preset because i always get similar hands on the advanced mode.
  • I think the normal mode is just random hands. I believe difficult mode selects random hands from a pool of "difficult" hands. i.e. hands with aces and pairs.
  • I'm new to the forum and have been perusing the various topics. I saw this one concerning the difference between the difficult and normal mode. The hands dealt in the difficult mode are NOT random. You're right, I actually played about a hundred hands in both, compared it to a hundred hands using 6 decks of real cards, and the distribution of aces and ten cards is completely different for the difficult mode - way too many tens, aces, blackjacks compared to either the normal mode or hands on cards. I did this because I found myself winning WAY too much cash in difficult compared to the other two. And I'm glad I found out before I took my new found confidence to the casino with me.

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