22/33 Split Against Deal 2 or 3
  • I know this subject came up in April but the Hit or Stand basic strategy chart says hit 22 or 33 against a deal 2 or 3. The "www. countingedge.com" basic strategy chart says split.

    I was playing at my local casino last night and did not split my 33 against the dealers 2 and lost, the guy next to me, a regular, said there seems to be mixed opinion on the correct move.

    Question: Is there a mathematical analysis somewhere to definitely demonstrate the correct play?

    Oh, by the way I tried Walter's progression last night. Thank you, Walter.
  • The rules of the game determine the correct way to play this hand.

    If you're playing DAS (double after split) then you should split a 2/2 or 3/3 against a dealer 2 or 3.

    If you're playing no DAS, then the correct play is to just hit without splitting.
  • Thank you for the information.
  • The number of decks can also be a factor. example: 7-7 vs 10 in single deck is Stand and in multi-decks it is Hit. For a customized Basic Strategy chart, for the game that you will be playing, go to: www.blackjackinfo.com
  • Grumpworth: You're welcome!

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