the dealer from hell!!
  • I'm new to the whole message board scene but I thought that I would like to ask all you more experienced players out there something. Let's hear your story of the worst dealer that you have ever played against. Mine was when I played on a gambling boat in FL, the dealer was catching cards that were unbelivable. My 19 and 20's never seemed to win. :x What made it worse was she would sort of smile everytime she won and giggled. :evil: When I had finally decided I had enough I just sat at the table where my buddy kept the effort going. She then called the pit boss over and whispered in his ear (not much of a whisper at all) that I was making the player next to me nervous by sitting there twirling my thumbs :shock: . It may not seem like the dealer from hell to the experienced players but by far the worst dealer i have played.
  • I once had a dealer who couldn't add. I stood against a 6 and he made a 4 card 17. I said, "I can't believe he made a 17 out of that!" and he proceded to pay all of us! We all looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, but he didn't retract it. We eventually started saying totals aloud because he was taking so long to add his and our cards. "Someone" must have been watching though, he was relieved shortly.
  • D said:
    I once had a dealer who couldn't add. I stood against a 6 and he made a 4 card 17. I said, "I can't believe he made a 17 out of that!" and he proceded to pay all of us! We all looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, but he didn't retract it. We eventually started saying totals aloud because he was taking so long to add his and our cards. "Someone" must have been watching though, he was relieved shortly.

    Yeah, I was playing with a new dealer the other day, and I had to tell him repeatedly that certain hands were a push, a loss, or a win, etc. I always thought that the dealer's had to be trained properly -- and could therefore count correctly -- before diving into the real thing.

    I guess I thought wrong...

  • I was in the Mirage in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and had a dealer that must have been pushing 75 years. Poor SOB had palsey so bad he could barely throw the cards. It took him ten minutes to deal two - 4 seat hands. I had enough and went to cash out. I was up two units so It shouldn't have been a big deal, but the old guy counted my chips out wrong. I pointed out the error, so he pulled them all back in and tried again, still wrong. I flagged the boss and he came over, asked what was the problem and I told him the guy was having a problem counting. The boss had him count it out and when he got it wrong a third time, the boss stepped in and counted it out for me and sent me on my way and relieved the dealer.

    I wondered around for a bit and noticed the average age of dealers and servers must have been in teh 60's. I left.
  • bone-

    I was also on a boat out of florida and encountered a similar situation. about 6 of us were at a table, we were all doing good for the most part. after a while, they switched dealers to this fast dealing, quiet, young blonde hottie. she wouldn't say a word or barely make eye contact. just dealt as fast as she could and wiped out the table with her 20's and 21's. then they'd bring back the other dealer after about 10 or 15 minutes. this happened a couple of times that night. I bet she rotated from table to table wiping people out. It finally made sense to me when I figured her out- She was the devil :twisted:
  • Definitely the devil, or in casino parlance, a "cooler".
  • Same experience I had yesterday. Table was up and down as usual and I had a few positive shoes---all players at a full table were up. A new dealer (not a break dealer) shows up. Total stone face---no chatter---no reactions one way or the other and FAST. Suddenly it was 20's and 21's for the dealer. Everyone was cleared out or chased off after numerous losses. The count was slightly positive.


    If not how do they do that?
  • Hi, I'm new here, and relatively new to serious BJ. I, too, have wondered about how coolers work. On my best session ever, I started with $120 at a $15 table, and in an hour or so was up to $455, and I wasn't even counting (I've just recently started learning that), just using BS, which I hadn't completely mastered at the time.
    The dealers changed, and I lost hand after hand, with no letup. Finally, when I was down to $75, I packed it in and left.
    Is this really coincidence, or am I missing something? At the time, it really confused me, because I knew the cards couldn't be affected, and my strategy didn't change, so I couldn't explain the "cooling" to myself. Later, after reading Andersen's book, I learned that dealers can have effects on play (e.g. shuffling points), but that didn't seem to fully explain it, especially at a game using an eight-deck shoe; these games can't be shuffled up before reaching the shuffle point, can they? I've never seen it done, anyway.
    So how do the coolers do it (or do they do it at all)?
  • "Coolers" are just Hollywood hype. You just had a good run of cards, followed by a bad run of cards. The dealer had nothing to do with it.
  • Im a dealer down in Atlantic city, NJ. I find it funny how players say they like you better than the person that i just tapped out or vice versa. The dealer is just the middle man dealing the cards, when a new dealer comes in the cards havent been re arranged in the shoe heh.

    Its even funnier when i am dealing let it ride or carribean stud where they have the automatic shuffler machines that deal out 3 cards at a time(or 5 for CSP, depending on what game the machine is set to) With these games the dealer doesnt even shuffle the cards, its all left to the machine so how can the dealer be to blame? heh

    Personally when i play i dont like dealers that dont talk or seem pissed off. When im the player i like to have fun and sometimes BS with the dealer.
  • One of the nice things about having casinos so close to you, is that you get to know the dealers pretty well. That makes it a lot easier. I know that if I am going to play, I am going to try and make it as pleasant as possible. A lot of times, the dealers are just mad because they have had jerks all night long, or people calling them some of the nastiest names in the book.

    As a dealer, I heard some really aweful you try and develop a thick skin. It is truly amazing how a simple " Hi...How are ya ? " to the dealer will turn their attitude around. That's not to say that there are not some pricks...but as a general rule, if you are friendly, they are likely to care a bit more since they have tips to consider. I made over $700 in less than 20 minutes just by having fun with the player.

    In Conclusion...My advise is that if you are going to play, at least try and find some nice dealer that will make your winning or losing a better experience. There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a dealer that takes your chips and could care less about anything other than their next smoke break.
  • JohnD & Highstakes- Welcome. It is nice to have a couple of dealers on board. Care to share any dealers stories ? Like, big wins/losses, crazy players or outrageous behavior.
  • I know this sounds extremely bizarre but a dealer friend of mine told me he saw not one, but two people urinate on the table. And apparently it's not an entirely uncommon occurence. Have either of you guys ever witnessed this?
  • Hi Leon,

    I am sure that was a very rare occurance. normally, you would he security or the pit boss or the floor supervisor over at the tables before anything would get that far. And if it did happen, I am sure it would have been at a casino that served alchohol. Most sober people don't do that :) Well, at least no sober friends I know. :P
  • It was at a casino in Atlantic City where they definitely serve alcohol. My friend said they were both Asian guys who, after losing a big hand, just stood up and peed on the table. They happened about 2 years apart and the pit boss told him he'd seen it before. I couldn't believe it myself.
  • Just got back from my local casino. Dealers very first day, ever. Tried to pay me on a push and when I coloured up three greens offered me a black. Poor guy we had to help him with the math. He was very nervous so we played on that a bit, nice guy, had some fun left the table up 30 legitimate units. :lol:

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