• :) Hi EB, my very first posting....& of course it's a question (par for a newbie?!!! ) First let me say, I am really enjoying this site, really nice to practise and learn, and all the interesting posts are really grand!

    I am going to be in Vegas over the 4th July Holidays (Happy Birthday to Meeee). Thought maybe some of you more experienced players could share what to expect at the Rio as I could use some expert guidance. (& hot tips if any :))

    Thanks, (a typical little ol' lady in tennis shoes :)
    (well maybe not so little....jolly??)
  • Hi Snow and welcome. I stay at Rio regularly and might be able to answer specific questions. Generally though I'll give you this.

    It's a younger crowd than most spots on the strip. It can be loud, crowded and alot of fun. There's always something going on.
    If you have a choice of rooms, the Masquerade Tower is a little newer and the rooms a little nicer- though not a big difference.

    BJ has gotten worse over time. There are two main bj pits- the one near the Masquerade Tower doesn't open until noon or 1:00 most days and they have added asm's and single deck tables with terrible rules. The other pit is past the main entrance as you walk in (right where all the construction is going on). There are two double deck pitch tables. $25 min days which go up to $50 and $100 at night. The rest of the tables are 25 and 50 min at night- all tables are H17 6 deck shoes (some are $15 during the day). There are also a few super fun 21 tables- which I find to be neither super nor fun. On a holiday weekend you are going to have trouble finding a spot at the bj tables at night- it will be crowded.The high limit room of course has more choices- and more seats.

    As for food- my favorites are Buzios and Rosemary's, but that's just my taste.

    Bring sunscreen and have a great time and good luck. Regards. Larz.
  • Tried replying sooner but it wouldnt take. This seems to be doing all right.
    Wanted to say Thank you for the good tips. The minimums are a bit higher than I wish for, but will see how its going. I bet its going to be really crowded for the Holidays. Really looking forward to it.
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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