• I'm a basic strategy player and use a positive progressive betting system. I just received Fred Renzeys' Blackjack Bluebook II and I'm thinking of learning and trying his Ace Ten front count. Do any of you use it,and if so does it seem to help in the area of winning more $$$?
  • Prog-

    The Ace Ten is an easy way to count and decide if it's time to bet more money. If your main hobby in life is BJ, and you allocate alot of time to BJ and you really want to make money, put forth the effort to learn a more complicated counting strategy. If you are like me, play BJ for fun and not to become a millionare, also play Hold'em and other games, have a limited amount of time to allocate to BJ and want to help your winnings, Ace Ten is great. When I was learning different systems, I ran simulations and kept track on paper, with 6 real decks, no computer sims. I learned that for the most part, Ace Ten count helped come out a few units ahead of a flat bettor or a basic progressionist who did not increase betting after cards were in player favor. What I also learned is that even when the deck was in the players favor, (ace ten count of <=36,) there still were seldom times when a player would lose from the rest of the shoe. I would deal from 6 decks, deal 5 players, 4 would come out good and one either the same as flat bettor or progressionist, or maybe worse. But for the most part, it helps a player simply by definition: If there are more Aces and Tens left, the advantage is to the player, and that's not even arguable.<br />you will run into this situation too: after two decks, the count is 40. or 39. or 41. you have to be patient to catch that shoe with a nice 30, 31 or 32 count at 2 decks. I also keep count up to three decks, I dont know if Renzey says to do this or not, but it was my next step in this type of counting, and noticed that sometimes the count did even out by three decks.
  • Prog.

    My wife & I use the A-10 Front Count count all the time. I count the A's & 10"s and she counts the number of cards played and signals me when two decks have been played. It works in the sense that most months show a profit, but a small one. Have been doing it for about 8 months. A small profit, but not much. I think you can play even or a little better than even with the house over the long term, but the hourly profit is very low. When you add comps on it shows up better. We get 3 or 4 free meals a month.

    Hopes this helps.

  • After buying Bluebook II I began with Ace-10 front count and saw some results that gave me the motivation to move on to more advaned systems. It's a good, easy way to assess your tolerance for counting and playing Basic Strategy at the same time and gives you some motivation for taking the time to learn more.
  • Hi D-
    when you say you saw some results that gave you motivation I assume you mean that using the Ace Ten front count helped you win money. Am I right? Thanks.
  • You bet! It was easy to see that when there were more Aces and 10's left in the shoe, I had an advantage.
  • Hi Again D-
    So, tell me,what kind of bet spread did you use and how successful was the front count for you? Did you have to use camoflage? Sounds good!
  • I am a relatively new player (about a year beyond basic strategy) and a very LOW stakes player. I only played a couple of sessions with Ace-10 before I learned KISS I and then on to KISS III. Ace 10 is easier and therefore less precise so I would just double my bet (2 units) when the time was right. Don't remember how much $ won for Ace 10, but I'm up about 200 units for the year. Tuffy seems to have played using it longer, I'm sure he'll contribute soon.
  • Have used the A-10 Front Count for about 8 months. Play at the $10 table. Average bet is about $15 or $16 for a session. Total bet is usually about $1000 an hour or slightly less. Average about 5 hours a week. So in 8 months about 300 to 330 hours of play. That means have bet $32000 to $34000 total in that time. Was ahead a little over $400 for the 8 months. Cash back and meals probably accounted for about $400 or $500 more. Got $182 in cash back. Another $250 or so in meals. So about $2.25 an hour in profit. The A-10 Front Count lets one play even or a little better against the house, so is for someone who likes to play in a casino without losing.(or making a small profit.)

    If you use Renzey's Mag 7 hands in your play it is great for making the pit personel think you don't really know how to play blackjack. The only time I have ever gotten any heat using it was on a cruise ship off the coast of St Kitt's last Febuary. Even then it was not too bad. The casino manager on the Norwegian Sky came over to the table one afternoon and asked me what kind of long term luck I was having with Renzey's A-10 Front Count. I told him just breaking even and he nodded and walked away. That was 2 days before the cruise ended so I did not play there again. Not sure if I was being warned off or not.

    Hope this helps.

  • it works, and its a really powerful for DD
    kudos to fred for including the system in bj bbII
    are there anymore numbers to fill up the variable count charts?
    i've got all 79 for dd, no das, da2, h17

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