Lance Humble, World's Greatest BJ Book and the Hi-Opt system
  • Dear Forum,

    I have recently started playing BJ in a more professional way.
    My knowledge is based on the above mentioned book.
    My game has and keeps evolving from BS+Counting (Hi-Opt) &
    varied wagering.
    I try to play every two weeks in the various casinos in Ontario and so far, so good.

    I was just wondering if any other players have based their game on this book alone ? What is your experience ?
    Is the Hi-Opt system still upto date ?
    Are there more tools one should integrate into it ? Or books to read ?

    Also if you have any useful info about the Casinos around Ontario, Canada pls share it with me.

  • Well, I think it is a solid system...and quite easy to learn.

    I have used all of the Hi-Opt systems and had the same type of results as the other level count systems.

    May I suggest my site ?

    I am the author and developer of High Stakes 21 and the PRO-1 strategy. I have spent a lot of time developing the PRO-1 system. The site has a lot of articles and the book is available for instant download. I used to teach the system and played with teams. I would highly recommend it if you want to keep playing. I have had great success with it and so have my students. I played at least once a day...sometimes more,when I was in MN. A bit more difficult now that I am in Florida.

    Anyways, check it out and see what you think. Thanks.

  • Hi Opt II is 91/67 vs Zen which is 96/63. 67 playing eff. is about as
    high as you'll find and better for single/double deck games. Zen gives
    up a little in playing eff. but is better for betting. I think which is good/bad
    depends on the type of game you play. I don't think I'd change regardless.
  • Casino Brantford often has $5 games going on the weekends, though in the last year or so, they've started using shuffling machines. (I don't know the difference between a CSM and an auto-shuffler, but they don't use shoes, AFAIK).
    Casino Niagara also has some machines. Actually, I think both casinos probably only have only a few of these, mixed in with their shoe games. Casino Niagara recently opened their "real" casino, the one open up to now being a temporary one while the larger casino was under construction.
    Casino Rama is supposed to be the most popular. They don't use shuffling machines. Their table minimums get bumped up to $25 around 3PM.

  • many thanks for your input
  • Casino Brantford often has $5 games going on the weekends,

    Ricardoest, what time of the day do you see this. Everytime I go now to Brantford at about 7:00 at night during the week they only have 2 $5 tables and there is usually a backlog to get on them.

    Most of the tables I see are at $15 with a few $10 thrown in.

    Spitoon / Andy

    PS. Was at Fallsview in Mid June and it is beautiful, very big with lots of
    tables mostly $10 and $15 though ( was there at 7:00 on a Wed. night ).
  • Hi Walter :wink:

    Have you tried the PRO-1 strategy :?: if you have, what do you think of it :?: I'm sure Chad would be interested in what you think :idea: of it :!: I bought it and going to give it a try at the weekend :D take care and be lucky

    Cheers :)


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