Can I get some tips??!
  • Hi all!

    I would like a bit of advice/guidance in the game of blackjack. ANYTHING you have is greatly appreciated....books, websites, etc. I really don't want to buy any books, Id rather get them from the library or something. I have heard about this card counting thing and I am really good at math, so I think I could try it after I master this chart (which I almost have) but isnt card counting illegal or is this only in the movies??? Sorry for the bonehead questions!
  • Go to and practice, practice, practice.
    Don't say, "I'm not going to win." Say, "I LOVE THIS GAME AND I LOVE TO WIN!.

    I'm just curious about something. Why is it important you nust know how many decks are used at Beau Rivage???? :?:
  • Thanks for the tips. The only reason I asked is because the site that I got the chart from asked "how many decks"and if the dealer "hit on soft 17 or stand" I just figured that it mattered when using the strategy chart. Does it?
  • I have a great tip for you, Go to the game page of this site as often as you can and play this until your eyes bleed. I did this and it improved my game beyond my wildest expectations. As far as counting goes, no, it is not illegal; the casinos, for reducing the house advantage, just discourage it. (Sometimes highly discouraged, as in, they might ask you to leave if they thought you were a counter) For me this game is a great hobby, and gives my wife and I the opportunity to travel to and stay at the nicest and/or the cheesiest places in the world. (I enjoy both)
    Have fun..
  • Girlygirl,
    The last info I saw for Beau Rivage showed 6 decks, dealer stands on soft 17, double after split, re-split aces, and late surrender.
  • Don't really worry about the number of decks. The strategy really doesn't change that much, and it really only helps a little. Just find a chart that has a the same basic rules as what you'll be playing, and learn off of that. Learning one chart well is much better than learning 3 charts only decently.
  • Play the "hit or stand" game located at this site, I found it the fastest way to learn. Play normal then go to difficult level for those tough hands :wink:

  • I've found the best way to memorize the basic strategy chart for the game you'll be playing is to write it yourself. Write your possible hands down the left, the dealer's upcards along the top and then fill in all the S's, H's, Spl's, and D's yourself. The first couple times you do this, you'll probably have to peek but after that, you'll notice the patterns and it will become much easier. Once you can write it all down easily, it will become second nature at the table.

    And play quite a few times flat betting (or a progression if you'd like) before you start trying to count.

    Good Luck
  • If your going to play 6 decks Dealer Stands Soft 17, click on the www link at the bottom of this reply. Nothing major going on here, but you can vary your bet from 1 to 4 chips and actually have a small advantage.

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