Las Vegas Strip $5.00 6 deck shoe games????????????????????
  • hi all-
    where does one go if they are looking for a $5.00 bj table on the strip,with double on any two cards, double after a split,and maybe surrender?
    p.s. and maybe also dealer stands on all 17's????
  • Prog - Almost anywhere on the Strip if you can live with H17. If you want $5, S17 that's a different story.......None that I know of, but you might try early morning at some of the places that usually have a $10 minimum .....Luxor, Aladdin, Mandalay, MGM, Mirage; but I doubt if you will find one.....Grifter
  • Hi Prog:

    The best I've place found is the Monte Carlo. They have lots of $5 tables with good rules including S17 and LS.
    NYNY has 'some' $5 tables with good rules. ( Of course they have lots of $5 SD 6:5 BJ, but we don't play those do we.) :) MGM has a few but they tend to go up around noonish.
    If you're going to play H17 games, remember to make the 3 necessary changes to your BS. (See my earlier post on this). Good Luck.


  • Haven't been there for over a year, but their was a little casino called the Slots of Fun between the Westward Ho and Circus Circus that had good BJ rules and plenty of $5 tables. Even some $1 tables, also with good rules and all the Heineken you wanted comped while you were playing. I guess it is about 2 years since I was there last so don't know if that description still applies.


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