• How's it going guys. i have been reading the board for about 2 weeks and found some really great info. I have been playing BJ for about 6 years with some good wins and bad losses.

    i just started the KO count last week and out of the 2 times i have used it i am up $415 after 3 hours of play. this last time i was playing the guy beside me asked why my bets varied so much, lol. i am counting 2-7 as +1 and 10-A as -1. also i am starting at 0 instead of a negative #. when the count gets around 20 i up my bet from $5 to 25-50. i am sure i am not doing something right so please feel free to lend me a hand.

    i am playing in gamblin boats in IN with S17 DAS

    THANKS in advance
  • No opinions???
  • Well, I don't use real counting methods, but you have a great one there, with very nice rules S17 and DAS.... I presume DOA and split to 4 hands. Is Late Surrender offered?
  • Whats up NnB, yes you presumed correctly. but there is no surrender allowed.
  • I have been practicing with playing cards the KO Running Count system that you speak of. I printed the info out from the site but it doesn't say
    when to start counting. Do you do this as soon as you sit down at
    a table or do you stand away from the table, start counting, and
    start playing when you count to your desired number. I guess
    what I am asking is "How do you start and get to your initial running
    count?" Thanks....A Newbie
  • Your initial running count is where you start at. It starts when you start seeing cards (although most wait for the next shuffle) and you reset to it after any shuffle.

    Jumping in when the count is up is called "Wonging" and is very advantageous. Some casino's don't allow mid-deck entry, or only minimum bet for the rest of the deck if you entered in the middle. But some don't, and it works out pretty good.
  • i start at the new shuffle.

    i played last night at another casino with 8 decks all other rules the same and after 2.5 hours i left with +255. i actually sit at the table and dont play until the count gets good. at the end of the 1 big shoe 3 pit bosses were standing a few feet behind the dealer talking about me so i left.

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