I think APOCALYPTIC is BUGHOUSEMASTER in disguise-what do you think?
  • I don't think there's any doubt about that. Same terrible ebonics spelling. Same attitude. Different location by only 130 miles. Not coincidentally, Lake Charles is where the Bug would play BJ at casinos.

    Midnite? Grif? He's all yours. I bet the IP addy is the same, too.
  • excuse me, but what is this all about? i just found this site through a search engine, am ok with blackjack and thought this site could make me a better player. among this game, i also like 2 play roulete and craps but did not find good sites for those and now what is this about bughousemaster ?

    buff, you mentioned attitude. i would like can u tell me what u are talking about? i gave no type of attitude when i posting.
  • c'mon bug,we know it's you.
    actually i kind of found myself sometimes missing your antics!
  • Apocalyptic (aka Bughouse 2) has been banned. I checked his posts and he is coming from the same location. For those who missed the bughouse fiasco and think we're a being a bit harsh, contact me, midnite or grifter and we'll tell you all about what happened. There is also some discussion about it in older threads.

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