Where To Go?
  • o.k.-
    it's the first week in august and I'm walking on the strip. Looking for a $5.00 minimum table, playing Walters' positive progressive betting system with quit points. Looking for DOA,DAS,S17.
    Where am I going?
  • The last time I saw ya', you was headin' for the Monte Carlo....'Cause that was the only place you could find the $5 table with S17.....Might be some others, but I don't know of them.....Grifter
  • The Riviera and The Barbary Coast I'm sure have nickel games.
  • Neither the Riv nor BC have S17.
  • Grifter said:
    Neither the Riv nor BC have S17.

    You're probably right Grifter, sorry Prog. S17 games are getting few and far between as well.
  • Try the Slots of Fun between Circus Circus and Westward Ho. They used to have low limit stand on all 17's. Don't know if they still do or not.

  • I just came back from Vegas yesterday. What a huge disappointment. Vegas has turned into a greedy corporate resort town. My husband went to buy a beer at the bar in Paris, it was $6.00 for a Bud Light. It is very difficult to find a decent game at low stakes. I feel like I am beating a dead horse, but 6-5 games everywhere on the strip. Be very careful when you sit a table, because it is not always easy to tell it is a 6-5 game. When in doubt ask what the payout for blackjack is.

    I did not go up and down the whole strip looking for the best game, I gave up on that. The casinos want a fair shot at my money, but they won't give me a fair shot at theirs. It is hard enough to win at this game, and I feel they don't give me a shot at it. (especially with the 6-5 games and some were even money blackjack).

    I tried downtown for cheaper stakes. (I like to start small and work walter's progression) Yes, there were $5 tables on a sunday afternoon (the place was a ghost town on sunday), but by 6pm the stakes increased. Thank goodness they still grandfather you in, but how long before that changes. This kind of surprised me for downtown,like I said it was not busy at all and the $5 were not even full and they still raised it. I did find S17 at the Plaza, but that was with 8 decks (yes count them 8 decks). Again this game is hard enough to win at without stuff like that. Didn't even bother going into the Horseshoe, I just would have been even more frustrated. I am still frustrated with the whole trip, what a big dissapointment. Vegas will unfortunately never be the same as it was, too much corporate influence. They make a ton of money, but now they want to make sure you don't even have a pot to piss in when you leave. It makes me very sad. :( :(

    I am sorry that I rambled on and probably didn't make much sense, but I at least feel better for venting.

  • That's why I enjoy going to Laughlin, as much, if not more, than going to Vegas. The only thing about Vegas is that the quality of the accommodations is very hard to beat for the price. For me, there's nothing like going back to your room at a nice place and relaxing in what I call luxury after getting your ass kicked for a few hours at the tables. If you're winning, than it makes it all that more sweet. As far as the 6-5 games, what can we do, except just not play them. They say that they'll go away sooner or later if nobody plays them. That's yet to be seen, as they seem to becoming more frequent with every visit I make to Vegas.

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