• Has anyone found any great places to get cheap deals to vegas??? Hotel and Airfare..

  • Call around to your local travel agents (call 4 or 5 of them), tell them when you want to go and where you want to stay. They should be able to come up with good package deals for you.

    This is what I do (I use a company out of Denver called Mile Hi Tours) and they come in quite reasonably. For example, I'm heading out in mid September. For roundtrip (and nonstop) airfare from Denver and 2 nights at the MGM, we're paying $280 per person for everything. Last year, we stayed at the Luxor for $260 each. Just plan ahead and give yourself plenty of lead time and you should be able to find deals.
  • I'd like to add, that if you've read some posts here, you already have an idea of where the best games are in Vegas... DO NOT stay at those hotels. Visit them instead.
  • thanks guys, and yes i noticed that NnB..

    So the best way isnt an online place like priceline or some other website?
  • KY121 said:
    So the best way isnt an online place like priceline or some other website?

    I have found the online places to be more expensive, but it doesn't hurt to price them out along with the local travel agencies (I always do). They might come through and be your best option. I have most definitely found that package deals are a much better value than booking airfare and hotel differently, though.
  • Try They have walk in offices in the Chicago area, but you can book with them on line from anyplace. Like the Imperial Palace 4 nights and round trip airfare from Chicago for $399 Usually a show and a couple of buffia's thrown in. There are probably travel agents in your area offering just as good deals. The BJ rules could be better at Imperial Palace, but you can take the bus downtown or a shuttle to some of the neigboring casino's to do your playing.

  • KY

    My wife and I just took a three day trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago. We used Expedia after looking several other places including two travel agents. One hint which could prove helpful is this. The airline ATA is based out of Indy, and we found one-way tix to Vegas @ roughly $90, less than half of what we would have paid for out of Louisville. We saved over $400 by flying out of Indy instead of Louisville. We live in Elizabethtown, but the 2 1/2 hour drive was well worth it for the money saved.

    Good Luck and have fun,

  • thanks les

    i will have to chk that out..

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