Annoying Players
  • Okay, I've been dealing with really annoying players as of late and it drives me nuts. One 'knowitall' told me to always stand on a 12 agains't a 3 because their is most likely a 10 underneath their, blah blah. Also tried to run the way his girlfriend should play each and every time. After losing a hundred bucks he finaly moved to another table, "I was actually trying to tell him that to play with the 'ten in the hole' theory is idiotic but he wouldn't listen stating that he been playing blackjack for over ten years and I knew nothing.

    Their was another guy who couldn't stop complaining about every hand he got, EVEN if it was a winning hand. If he won he'd just say, "Oh well that was due but watch I'll just lose the next one. The funny thing was that I was winning alot and feeling happy. I left with almost three hundred dollars ahead.

    The drunks sometimes drive me up the wall with their stupidity. Anyhow I wont go into every single instance but my burning question is what should I do here?
  • Mind your own business comes to mind.
    Its my money, I'll bet it the way I want.
    I don't need any help losing my money, but thanks anyway.
    The cards I play have my money behind them, not yours.
    Would you like to back my play? How come I'm not backing your play?
    Who wrote the book you're reading? I'd like a copy.
    "The Chips Tell the Story", thats the book I read. Are you winning?
    "Little Lord Fauntleroy", is the other book I read recently.

    With toungue in cheek...
  • I have found that just ignoring these people is the best....... yesterday I split two 10 against a 6, got an other, resplit, the got 9, 10, 7, .....dealler got a 5 then (a really got heat from the other at that point) then he got a 6 ......and bingo for me one push and two wins.....

    I got a lot of heat for doing this, but bottom line is I don't give a sh-it about the other players, I do my thing and that's it, I'm there for my profit and that's it
  • I noticed that the dealer would have drawn a 9, and you would have tied... and quite probably everyone else would have lost. Go get'em tiger...
  • My favorite reply (though in honesty I haven't yet had the balls to use it) is:

    There's plenty of tables I'm not playing at.

  • I have actually said to one person..."Do you work here?.... everyone that works here tells me the same thing. Quite a nice place they built."
  • Well I don't care so much about the bonehead moves, I make some of those but more of the people that whine after every hand they get and every win they make.

    Oh well the best thing I can do is just ignore the annoying tables and play at other tables.

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