Progression or Regression?
  • I'm afraid I don't understand the theory of this Progression Method. If you bump up your bet every time you win, when you lose, (and you WILL lose)
    you're losing money that you WERE ahead with.You are giving almost everything back to the dealer.

    And then when you lose, you start over again. That gives you no chance to get ahead in the game.

    The way I play, when I lose, I double my bet. EVERYTIME I lose.

    Then when I win, (hopefully on a BJ), I go back down to my starting unit.
    I come out ahead at the tables WAY more often.
  • And what do you do when you lose 6 or 7 hands in a row?
  • That does happen rarely, but NEVER 8 or 9.

    Like I said, I can come out ahead at the tables WAY more often than
    progression when I win.
  • You ARE using a progression. Just a negative instead of a positive one. Start with a 10 dollar bet, lose just 5 in a row and you HAVE to bet $320 just to win that $10 from the first bet. And I've lost 8 or 9 hands in a row on a number of occasions.
  • hi thomas-
    are you saying that you double and redouble your bet until a win occurs?
    that you just keep doubling and redoubling again and again 'til you win one? thanks-
  • man, you are going to fall down a STEEP slope soon.. that is called the martingale method..
  • Hey, Progressionist.

    Yeh, that's what I'm saying. If you have a big enough bankroll (or luck!)
    you can't go away a loser.

    I guess there are sometimes you get more losing hands in a row than you would like, but if you remember from your own experiences, it happens rarely. Usually I'll win every 3rd or 4th hand at least.

    That's why I said I MOSTLY come away a winner, not ALWAYS. Ha Ha!
  • thomas,

  • Hey, KY121.

    I didn't know the way I played was "called" anything. I don't have any "system", that's just the way I play. I just sit at a table and play. If I lose that hand, I'll double my bet on the next. Lose again, double again.

    Sometimes the cards just don't fall right. BUT 9 times out of 10 I'll have a winning session. I appreciate the article you referenced. BUT. I don't think you can compare craps with BJ. Craps has one of the highest casino advantages versus BJ with the lowest. I also don't agree with him saying this "martingale system" won't work. I didn't know this was supposed to be a system, but common sense will tell everyone that if you keep doubling indefinitely, you won't lose. It's just improbable. You have to quit sometime, unless your Michael Jordan!

    All I was saying is, it makes no sense to me to double after every win when you know you're going to lose it back.

    Plus, there's nothing like that feeling when you BJ after you've lost 4 in a row!
  • thomas,

    FYI, craps has one of the better odds not one of the worst. and yes that article applies to BJ as well

    this system will not work because you do not have an unlimited bankroll and there are table limits.

    but good luck playing it
  • Not only is it a system, it's a very old one. And a very bad one. Many, many people have thought the same way you do and they've gotten burned. Sure you'll have many small wins, but one loss will wipe them all out and then some. Try playing that way on a blackjack game and you'll see what I mean.

    I will agree you with you on one thing, though. There's nothing like getting a BJ.
  • i will 2nd that..
  • Ha Ha! THERE'S the love!!

    I was beginning to wonder about you guys. I was starting to get a feeling of hostility emanating from you.

    Leon, if that's the only thing you'll agree with me about, I'll take it. I'm not trying to convert anyone to a "system" or trying to say everyone should play like this. That's just the way I play. I thought this was a forum to discuss BJ (Blackjack) and share experiences.

    Happy Sessions!!
  • thomas,

    it definitely is that.. but all of us are here to help each other. and i have sat at way TOO MANY tables and watched people just keep doubling there bets until they are out of money.. i am just trying to prevent that happening to you..
  • You know Tom... what you said about doubling up a winning progression is true, so others, myself included, have come up with lesser additions than double, in order to put something back into the pile between wins.

    For example 25,30,40,55,70,90,120,150 can put a serious chunk of change into the pile, while still betting more each time. In the long-run of things, its no better or worse than any other progression. When you lose you start over. You could lose 6 in a row... but they're only 25's. Loss = $150.

    Win 6 in a row and start over, and you have $285 plus the $25 next bet.
  • Thomas Wrote:
    I guess there are sometimes you get more losing hands in a row than you would like, but if you remember from your own experiences, it happens rarely. Usually I'll win every 3rd or 4th hand at least.

    I think that's an interesting point. What is the longest winning and losing streak that you have experienced?
    One guy once told me he had just lost 9 hands in a row and I've see 9 in a row winning streak. How about anyone else?


    Win1 :wink:
  • For real $$$ I've won 10 in a row twice. But I've lost 11 and 12 in a row once each. Recently (in the last 6 years) I've not allowed losses in a row to exceed 7. And I don't allow 6 if playing the Ace-Five method EVER.

    update: these are NOT progressions.
  • Thomas

    You will eventually hit a loss streak of 10 or more. You can be sure of that. When, not if, that happens you will run into the house limit on bets and will not be allowed to double your 10th losing bet. That will happen with the Martingale system if your bankroll is big enough to sustain 10 losses in a roll betting like this. If it hasen't happened to you yet it will if you continue betting this way.


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