Brief Vegas Trip Report
  • Hi Folks,

    I went to Vegas last weekend (second time ever) and I thought I would fill the list in on what I saw.

    TI (Treasure Island), the hotel where we stayed, had nothing but that terrible 6:5 single deck blackjack and CSMs everywhere else. Just terrible. The Mirage, located next door had continuous shufflers on every table which was much better. I erroneously thought that continuous shufflers and CSMs were the same thing but they obviously are not. One other I the only one who thinks all of these Steve Wynn casinos feel the same but with different wallpaper? Go in the Bellagio, Mirage, and TI and I think you'll see what I mean.

    I enjoyed excellent double deck games at the Stardust, Barbary Coast, Gold Coast, the Rio, and the Las Vegas Club. At the Rio, the vast majority of the tables offered either 6:5 single deck or even money blackjack. The amazing thing there is that the tables for those games were packed.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Gold Coast casino. The dealers were very friendly there and there seemed to be a large local contingent. The Las Vegas club advertised the most "liberal 21 game available." Upon reading the rules, it did appear quite liberal until I saw that it payed EVEN money on BJ. What a farce.

    I checked out Monte Carlo. It was very nice on the inside but it felt dead. And I can't put my finger on why.

    For atmosphere, the Golden Nugget gets my vote as the best in Vegas.

    My system? I attempted to learn Hi-Lo and gave up trying to estimate the true count. I bought Walter's book but have modified his system. I use a 2-2-3-4-5 approach. Walter claims his system doesn't work well with choppy shoes, but unfortunately this is a reality. Not increasing your wager after a first win appears to minimize losses when you have a choppy shoe compared to Walter's system. I bought the KO and Renzey's book at the Gambler's Book store. I doubt if I'll ever be good enough to use them in a casino however.

  • Scott - There are two types of machines, CSM & ASM.

    CSM = Continuously Shuffled Machines

    ASM = Automatically shuffled Machines *(cards are then placed in a shoe)

    Thanks for the report.

  • Thanks for the correction midnite!

    Yeah, I'd say almost half of the casinos I went in had the autoshufflers...I distinctly remember that the Mirage had nothing but the autoshufflers. The Frontier and Lady Luck were the same way. Obviously shuffle tracking isn't possible with these, but are there any other meaninful differences with a hand shuffle? They certainly seemed as streaky as a hand shuffle.

  • Shuffle tracking????
  • Yes, shuffle tracking...I read about it in "Bringing Down the HOuse". Apparently you use this method if you determine that the cards after the shuffle point are either very favorable or very unfavorable. I have no idea how one could learn to do this. When I observed the dealers shuffling on my last Vegas trip, I think you might be able to keep track of it with certain types of shuffles.
  • hi msfurness-
    funny you should say that-we were in the monte carlo a couple of weeks ago and the casino was almost empty-and i mean almost empty!
    why? go figure?????????????????

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