Tired of California Indian Casinos
  • I played a low limit table with a 200.00 buy in until I had 500.00 to go and play a 25.00 table 2 deck game in a high limit area at a San Diego casino tonight. I was up that much in about an hour with a 10 15 20 25 30 35 progression after hitting around 6 or 7 blackjacks in 1 shoe and doing fairly well the next two. I got Bored playing with goof balls that sit in for one or two hands and play inadequately, or fuss when they lose their 20.00 buy in right away. However when I bought in at the double deck game I found out they use 2 decks but deal face down from a shoe. I didn't care for that, or my overly aggressive progression as I was using green chips 25 50 75 100 I should have bought some red, but I was too tired to even bother to ask for some, I guess. I think I would have been better off playing a 25 30 35 40 45 50. Any thoughts on this? I did well until a 75 bet split eight’s against a 2 and drew another then doubled on one. So once again I had 2, 75 bets and 1 150. I had two 18's and a 16 or something and the dealer drew to a 6 card 20 or something terrible, and I left. Seems like that crud happens to me a lot here in California. Should I just move to Vegas, where I win every hand and always come home a 100,000 more or less, ahead, or should I just give up gambling all together and stick to stealing cars and giving bad advise on this message board? I feel kind of tired, maybe I should just go to bed. 8)

  • You know progressions don't work. Counting doesn't work. You have to use my system. I won $10,000 yesterday on a $5 CSM. Oh, did I mention I've NEVER lost on a CSM.
  • PJ,
    you know my system is the only one that works, I can beat yours any day of the week.
  • Billy, you're absolutely right. Don't use my system because it doesn't work. You will lose money.
  • LMAO at your signature, Mike. :D

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