Casino Verite Settings
  • Dear All,

    Based upon the overwhelming recommendations of this list, I purchased Casino Verite BJ a couple of weeks ago. It is very realistic software and I probably haven't even used half of the features yet.

    My question to the list is the following: I'm trying to simulate real time casino speed to measure my counting skills (or the lack thereof). I've played around with the speed settings quite a bit and was wondering what you guys would recommend.

  • I saved this one for last... IMHO, play around with the sliders a bit for the speed. I keep all the top ones a little to the right of center, and the bottom slider almost to the right edge. The bottom one is rather sensitive. This is fast play.

    For a look at casino-like conditions, allow 2 average players to sit at your table and play 10 rounds. It should take 6 minutes (about 100 hands per player per hour). Set the shulffle timing to about 3 minutes. See if thats OK for you.
  • Thanks N&B! I appreciate your suggestion.

  • Hellow. I actually went into a casino to time how fast BlackJack is really played. When there are four players at a table, it takes an average of one minute for each round of play. Also, six decks of cards yeilds 18 hands of BlackJack for four players. For one player six decks of cards gives fifty hands of play, forty in a real casino because deck penetration only goes through the first five decks. If the dealer can only deal four hands of BJ per minute when there are four players at a table then logicaly when there is only one player at a table then that would be four hands of BJ per minute to that one player.
  • I also have the same question. can anybody give us a recommendation. Thanks in advance

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