lost but won
  • Well weird day for me, went for an hour, lost 350$, that was my quit point, was wating for a friend so I put 20$ in a slot machine, played 4 mins and won 600$.......lol......that's luck....cards sucked but still got out a winner........the guy asked me "so how do you want that, in 20's (so I can go play other machines....no thanks) " took 100$ bills and came back home.....
  • lol
    i never put money in slots...but I bet your glad you did...

    it's amazin eh? LOL
  • A similiar event happened to me with the slots. I hardly ever play them because overall they are just a big waste of money. I don't even like video poker even with its decently good odds. I prefer Blackjack and soon I am going to get into some Texas Hold'em and other poker games. I also enjoy three card poker because sometimes I have ALOT of luck with this because I'll get straights and flushes. I try not to play in excess though it all gets rather tedious at best.

    BTW in slots I won 500 bucks and I was also down $20.

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