Hitting Soft 18
  • BS says to hit soft 18 when dealer has 9 - A. WHY OH WHY????? Is it to draw a high card out so you aren't passing it onto the dealer? I talked to a fellow I know who wins a lot at BJ ain Vegas nd he says he never hits a soft 18 no matter what the dealer has. During practice at home I hit and always seem to make things worse by pulling a 4 or 5 and then having to hit again and then busting. Since I'm going to Vegas in another 3 weeks, I really want to feel confident that I am doing the right thing in case I am at 3rd base....I don't take criticism well and I don't want other players in a live situation saying I'm doing something wrong. Any comments would be appreciated.
  • As for a soft 18 against a 9, the math says if you stand, you'll win 8 times out of 20. If you hit until you A) reach a hard 17 or more, B) reach a soft 19, or C) Bust, you'll win 9 times out of 20.

    That's just the facts.
  • I really doubt your friend is nearly as successful of a player as he claims. If he was he would know that you need more than a mere 18 to win. Especially against a 10, 9 or Ace. these hands will kill you yet I see players stand on them and yes sometimes they when but all too often I see them lose on it big.

    I win more when I hit my soft 18 agains't a nine than if I stand on it the same applies to the dealers 10. Too many players believe that 18 is a good hand when in reality it is only an okay hand. One time when I split my two nines agains't the dealers nine I caught a ten and the other nine I caught an ace and bam the dealer had a 8 underneath. Every player said I was lucky since the dealer could have had ten underneath and coulda got to weak starting totals.

    Bottom line is don't listen to 'experts' of the game know your proper play in advance and don't look back. Don't quarter back your hands which is the worse you can do. Get the Blackjack Blue Book II which is an excelent book in itself that goes beyond basic.
  • Ah.....9 times out of 20 is better than 8 out of 20!! I see the mathematical advantage now. Thanks lots.
  • Get the Blackjack Blue Book II which is an excelent book in itself that goes beyond basic

    Well, I agree that BJBB it covers excelent material related to BJ. I even like BJBB more than Don's BJA3.
  • redstar - Sometimes, just looking at the numbers, it is still hard to understand. Perhaps this little scenario will help you "see".
    Two players at the table.
    Player A has A-7 of Clubs.
    Player B has A-7 of Spades.
    Dealer has 10-9 of Diamonds.
    ALL of the other cards are discarded, Except for the Hearts.
    There will be 13 hands played.
    Players can stand or hit ONE time.
    Player A stands every time, and as 18 never beats 19, he loses 13 hands.
    Player B hits (one time) every hand.
    Player B will lose 10 hands, push one hand and Win two hands.

    If you are worried about what the other player will say, try to not sit at third base.
    Just remember the ones that yell the loudest, usually know the least.

    Good Luck in Vegas

  • hi redstar-
    i have won in vegas and elsewhere because i hit the soft 18 against the dealers 9,10,or ace.
    be prepared-you will hear players say things like "that's an 18 ya' know"
    also i have found that MANY dealers don't know you're supposed to hit or double down on a soft 18.
    do what you know is correct and best of luck in Sin City!!!!!
  • Twenty one "don'ts" for 21:


    - Worry about other players ...period
    - Mistrust the odds
    - Go with too little BR
    - Expect high cards to follow high cards
    - Doubt basic strategy
    - Try to out guess the dealer hole card
    - Blame the dealer
    - Lose your cool
    - Increase your bet when losing
    - Drink
    - Believe in artifical goals and limits
    - Worry about where to sit
    - Think you can pick a good table
    - Think you're due to win
    - Let money rule your thinking/judgement
    - Let winning go to your head
    - Ever repeat mistakes
    - Make stupid side bets
    - Think winning does not require work
    - Play when too tired or distracted
    - Take it home with you
  • Midnite - Sorry, but your post and numbers above are not relevant to "real play", and the bottom line is misleading. You would never be limited to one hit in a casino so the "two wins out of thirteen hands" means nothing. The actual 'real play' expected number of wins for 13 hands is 5.85......Am I missing something?..........Grifter
  • Yes, it was an unrealistic scenario, (figured everyone would know that) but I thought it may help redstar understand why it is the right play. Sorry for the clumsy attempt.
  • This is very valuable information to me for my trip. I have been pondering over this Soft 18 thing for so long and now I finally know. Thanks all.
  • An arrogant ploppy sat down at my table and announced he was an "aggressive" player. After a few hands I received a pair of 9's and promptly split them against the dealer's 6 upcard. He starts making noises about my play and says "You should never split a winning hand." After a few more hands I was in a situation requiring hitting a soft 18 and I did, drawing an Ace. Later he moaned that I prevented him getting a blackjack!. He starts swearing, picks up his chips and moves to another table. The dealer smiled at me and we all lived happily ever after.
  • HI PJ-
  • *****The dealer smiled at me and we all lived happily ever after.*****

    That's funny. (I think?) :lol:
  • (The rest of us FELT happier when the jerk got up and left) :wink:
  • PJ where do you play and how often do you gamble?
  • Being in Texas, the nearest places are Shreveport or Lake Charles/Bossier City, La. Texas does have a gambling ship in Port Aransas but it is not all that great. I have been going to the Lake Charles river boats regularly the past two years, usually every six weeks. Their games have deteriorated recently. Now I find it better to drive another 40 minuites to Kinder and play much better games at the Indian casino. They have a larger facility, good comps, restaurants, $15 double deck tables, and good rules. Other than that, it's to Las Vegas every July.

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