6 or 8 decks in AC?
  • Hi Folks,

    During my last Vegas trip I purchased Renzey's Bluebook and the KO Book. As I indicated in a previous post however, I decided to go with the KO however, since is closer to the hi- lo in the points that are assigned to the cards with the only difference being a 7, which is counted as +1 in the KO. Having said that I highly recommend Renzey's book. It is very well written and had I not previously learned the hilo counting system, I probably would have gone with the KISS count.

    My question to the list is the following...I'm going to AC soon. This will be the first time I will ever try counting, although I don't plan on really using it until I feel confident that I can actually do it. My research has shown that most of the casinos in AC (except Borgata) use 8 decks on the main floor. Is this true? This is critical for me as the IRC does vary depending on the # of decks. Do any of you have any tips for a newbie in being able to spot the difference between 6 and 8 deck games? Should I just buy 8 decks of cards and try to memorize the relative height?

    Many thanks
  • I was in AC about a month ago and Ceasars was dealing 8 decks.

    Simple way to spot it is to ask. I always sit down at a table and say "Damn, what is that an eight or a 6 deck shoe? Must be a bitch to shuffle it." The dealers always will tell you.
  • The Borgata is the only one with all 6 deck shoes. The rest of them have them for the $50 or $100 minimums. And if you're still not sure, just ask the dealer. No need to be sneaky about it.
  • Thanks Leon and wds_42. I'll just ask the dealer. I didn't want to call too much attention to myself, but I suppose this is the easiest way to go.
  • from my understanding the norm in AC is 8 deck shoes....

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