Gregorian Strategy
  • Hey, new to this forum, just dabbling in BJ for now. Read "Bringing Down the House" about those MIT students, great book!

    I just started reading a book about the Gregorian Strategy, is anyone familiar with it? Is it a good system? If not what would you recommend.

  • Hi Rover :wink:

    Its a load of crap :!: I bought it as well :roll: :oops: Check out:
    I've bought most of the blackjack systems E-books out there, I would recomend:
    Its not bad at all, you don't need at BIG bank roll to use it, I also bought Betting on Blackjack by Fritz Dunki-Jacobs,
    Even though the target is to win only 18 units and then walk a way, IMO its a bit dangerous as it requires you to chase/ recoup your loss's, ( after 4 loss's of $5- $10- $22- $46 , you flat bet $5 till you win a hand, then putting 40% of your loss's on the next hand after that win, the remaining 60% loss is recouped over the next few hand ) untill you get that 2 in a row win and have a good few hand next to recoup the 60% loss, you would be continuing chasing your loss's, as 40% of your loss's increases, as well as the 60% of the loss's you would need to recoup increases as well, you would need a BIG bank roll to play this and a lot of time to spend to try just to get to back to being even :!: I see a Jeff Bunting has reviewed it and he has a different opion on it, not sure if it is the one and the same Jeff Bunting that post's here though, Take care and be lucky

    Cheers :wink:

  • Actually I did review the book but I've sense changed my mind. Most progressive betting is such a waste of time. Also I've learned that bad players don't hurt 'good players' at all but rather that it is a fifty fifty shot. The best way to win at black jack is learn how to count cards. It's a grueling process that can be mind bogling but it is the only real way to gain an edge overall. I think Dunki Jacobs is one of your typical frusterated losers that can't understand that betting systems are a waste of time. No betting system can overcome the house edge.

    It's just a simple mathematical fact. DUnki is also wrong in stating that you can't really win in blackjack. With the proper rules and if your a good counter against single and double decks you bet ya. With six and eight decks, well you certianaly can win some dough but you have to be more skilled with a large bankrole and enough luck to withstand the swings. Once the count goes positive you must throw the extra chips in there.

    Also you must not be negligent with doubling down. This isn't a for sure thing since the best counter can lose but overall it pays off in the long term far more than any betting systme could hope to match. Also it works! With just a simple counting system you can easily pick up when you have the advantage and when your the underdog. Overall though your still going to have losing sessions but I know that in the long run it works out much better than just flat beting and betting when your at a disadvantage.
  • There are some really good systems out there. Where are they?
    Oh yes,,,,,They are all listed and rated on page 193 of Renzeys
    bluebook II, all 16 of them...............Anything else is pure BS.


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