• hello all-
    well after about 2 months of thinking and thinking on it i have finally realized i need to learn to count cards if i REALLY mean to win money on a consistent basis at the casino.

    i'm currently studying Renzeys' kissI and plan to study kiss II after i have kissI down cold.

    anyone have any advice or suggwstions to help me out? all advice would be most appreciated! also-sure would like to hear how those of you currently using kissI and kissII are doing in the casinos.
    best of luck-
  • Begin your count at 47 (2 deck) or 39 (6 deck) instead of 17 and 9 as Renzey suggests. Your pivot point for the higher bet will be 50 (instead of 20). Nothing else changes, but you don;t often have a count that equals your hand totals and have less chance of confusing them (was my last hand total 19 OR was the count 19???) I wish I had known this when I started. I am not having much success, but the only game in my location is 6 deck. I will hopefully have something better to report after my fall trip to Vegas.
  • The BOTTOM line is that you need to practice counting EVERY SINGLE DAY! For hours on end and also you MUST have basic strategy down cold and be strict with it except when the count warrants a more improved way such as splitting tens.

    Practice is the key here and trust me the KISS II is by far a stronger more powerful than the KISS I system which is nothing more than a beggining count system. I am personally still working with the KISS I system but am gradually moving into the KISS II system.
  • To me there was not much of a difference in counting with KISSI II or III so I went with III and I am on a 3 time winning streak betting $10 to $100. The best thing I have really gotten from this book is all of the MYTHS. I did not know until reading this book I used to believe in so many of them. I no longer do and also when it comes to playing with very bad players it does not bother me at all because in the long run they will be out soon. I am having a fun time now aand making a little money.

  • I concur with BJackBonzai...THANKS Renzey!!!

    This is the most clearly written and best organized book on our game that I've ever seen. He cuts to the chase and tells what you need to know and gives a brief explanation about why without going overboard.

    The fact that he lurks on this board is a definite plus as he can answer in questions you may have about his systems. I contacted him privately and he very promptly answered my questions about the KISS III system.

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