Dealer Splitting the two Deck
  • Just found this Forum. It's great.
    My question:
    I was playing at the Imperial Palace (Biloxi) this last weekend. It's two Deck. Whenever a player would cut the deck, the dealer does the final cut. He would constantly cut the deck in the middle. We would only get 1 or 2 plays from the deck before he had to reshuffle. Three players were playing all six hands (2 each). Is splitting the deck down the middle common for a 2 deck game? Should this effect the way I play the hands? If so, how?

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  • it only effects your game if you are counting cards... but if you were counting cards you would know the answer to your own question... pen or deck penetration matters if you are concerned about the composition of the remaining cards, if you are a basic strategy player or a progression plaayer you shoudnt worry about it.. and its common... but they usually only cut 2/3 or 3/4 of teh one deck off.
  • cobb - That would be one S..L..O..W game.
  • Yes, It was SLOW.
    But we had an excellent table. Everyone playing BS (2 Deck) correctly. We made a great run of the table for several hours. The Pit Boss kept getting on the phone and looking at us like we were rigging the game. It was hilarious.

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