• Okay I was playing blackjack earlier today and had to put up with some pretty hard critism. I doubled my soft 18 against a 5 everyone said that was a stupid move, even though it 'saved' the table. And than I proceeded to play all my hands by the book pretty much while trying to ignore yet more critisms. Like for instance when I stood on my sixteens some of the time and at others I hit my 16. Well a few people asked me if it was okay if I played consistantly.

    To say the least I told them that if it was okay if I played my hands the way I wanted to and if they didn't like the way I played if they could just move to another table. Still it kinda annoyed me about all the 'experts' I've been witnessing. ESPECIALL|Y when they would double on A/3 agains't a 2, etc.
  • This thread looks familiar.
  • sorry leon it's been a long day. It was a renewal of my old post! OOPS.

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