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  • The wife and I are getting ready to take a cruise the week of the 18th and there is always a Blackjack tournament on board sometime during the week. Now I've played in tournaments twice and gotten wiped out pretty damn quick playing BS. The last time I was talking to a guy at one of the tables later that night and he was telling me that my problem was that I was playing BS and not tournament style blackjack. He couldn't really tell me what he considered tournament play.

    Can anybody here give me some clues
  • I know that you not only try to win as much money as you can, but you want to beat the table as well, like screwing up everyone else so that they lose. Hopefully more than you do :) That's why it's common place to see people splitting 10's and such. I know that there is some serious tournament players on this board who will give you a better explanation too.
  • wds_42 - It sounds to me like more of a betting problem, than a BS problem. How you bet in a T (T = tournament) is very important. There are many different formats in T's. Are you only trying to win your table or are you playing for high overall score ?
    How many advance from each table ?
    What is the dollar amount you start with and the betting limits ?
    How many rounds will you need to play to get to the finals ?
    You do need to be alert for some plays that you would not make in regular BJ. In a T it "may" be the right move to split tens (or almost any pair, no matter what the dealers up card is) or double down on a braking hand, BUT these plays are usually ONLY made if you need a double win to swing an opponent late in the game or to advance to the next round.
  • I won 2nd place in the finals tonight and got $300. Boy was I happy! Will be continuing till the end I guess. The Final Prizze will be $20,000 which is on this October.
  • The typical rules are as follows:
    $20 entry fee
    Two rounds

    First round everyone starts with a $1000. 7 hands are played.
    You have to bet a min. of $100 and max is whatever your holding. If you are below $100, then you have to bet whatever you have left.

    The number of first round games is dependent on the number of people signed up. If you lose, you can pays your monies and play again.

    The top 5-7 money winners of the first round play off on the second round, all starting with $1000 on the second round.

    7 hands are played. The top money winner wins 50% of the entry fees, second place picks up approx. $500 and a T-shirt (gotta love that T-shirt :) )
  • I played in a tournament on a Carnival cruise last March and made it to the final table, but finished in fourth place. The final table was made up of the top seven money winners from the first round. In the first round we all started with 1,000 in chips and play seven hands. On the last hand, I had about 3,500 which I knew would not be enough to get me into the top seven, so I went all in and came up with blackjack!

    In some tournaments, the players take turns betting with each player taking a turn being the first to bet. This changes the strategy quite a bit. Let's just say I make bets in tournament play that I wouldn't even think of making in regular play. The old addage holds true especially here - no guts, no glory!!
  • Well, I went, I played but didn't quite concure.

    4 Deck, dealer hits soft 17, each round was 7 hands, min bet was $50, max bet was $500. Split up to four times, yda, yada, yada,

    We all started with $500. I made it to the final table with 5 other old grizzled farts and a pretty little 22 year old girl who had never played before. You guessed it, the babe one by pure luck.
    She won all 7 hands and bet pretty heavy on the last three.

    I got knocked out of the running on hand 4. I had $1500 and put up a $500 bet. Got dealt a 7/4 to a dealers 4. Doubled and got hit with a 2. Dealer counts out at 20. with only 3 hand left I couldn't catch back up.

    Pretty good fun for $20.

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